manjarowish kde plasma 19.06 with btrfs autosnapshots

so whats new

  • plasma 5.16
  • kernel 5.1
  • added autosnapshot support when used btrfs as root partition.
  • you can boot into your snapshots from grub menu.
  • used grub-btrfs snap-pac snap-pac-grub
  • so what it does is creates pre and post snapshots when an pacman operation is performed like install remove upgrade

NOTE need to install your system with btrfs filesystem as root partition
2.snapper root config is needed to be created before snapshots can be automated
to create root config use following command

sudo snapper -c root create-config /
pre installed apps and features
  • autosnapshots using snapper on btrfs filesystem while performing updates

  • shell-zsh

  • cpu governor-performance

  • zram and zswap-systemd-swap

  • package manager-pamac-gtk

  • softwarecenter for flatpak,fwupd-discover

  • libinput-gestures and gestures gui

  • terminal-konsole,yakuake

  • text editor-kate

  • pdf viewer-okular

  • office suite-libreoffice-fresh

  • email client-thunderbird

  • browsers-firefox,chromium

  • password manager-keepassxc

  • downloader-xdman

  • torrent client-qbittorrent

  • webcamera-kamoso

  • video player-smplayer

  • video editor-kdenlive

  • video convertor-qwinff

  • media center-kodi

  • music player-elisa

  • audio convertor-soundkonvertor

  • audio tagger-kid3

  • audio editor-kwave

  • 3d modelor-blender

  • vector graphics-inkscape

  • image viewer-gwenview

  • image editor/painting-krita

  • screenshot tool-flameshot

  • virtualization-virtualbox

  • backup-snapper,kup

  • firewall-gufw

  • remote desktop sharing-krdc,krfb

  • cd/dvd burning-k3b

  • bootable usb creator-imagewriter

  • games-aisleriot,knight

  • emulators-dosbox,retroarch with all cores.

  • extra gaming softwares-lsi-steam,lutris,,gamehub,wine,winetricks,q4wine,gamemode

  • printing and scanning packages included

  • no tlp









Looks like some nice tweaks to the previous build!

Again - nice work here!

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