ManjaroWish Kde 19.07 iso with kernel 5.2 on testing branch

I present you the ManjaroWish linux kde spins

it comes in two diffrent varients namely dark and light
basically they are theme changes

all previous tweaks and new one included


asuming you are running on a root btrfs partition.
as there are btrfs related tweaks applied.
(only taking snapshots before system upgrades)

  • since systemd-swap is used.
    it would be better if no swap partition is created unless ofcourse you need hibernate.

  • and it comes with needed gaming softwares preinstalled.

  • various performance tweaks mentioned in archwiki are done.

  • touchpad gestures support is added it works out of the box.

  • many kde setting improvements.
    tap to click,two finger,edge scrolling works out of box
    kde starts with empty session
    kwin effects enabled
    dolphin service menus added
    set as wallpaper
    send to desktop
    mount iso

two browser
firefox and chromium

  • firefox comes with many privacy and usefull addons
    (ublock origin,privacy badger,https anywhere,decentraleys,keepassxc-browser,video download helper)

  • flameshot is default screenshoting tool

  • pamac as default package manager (aur is enabled)

  • flatpak appimage snap support enabled
    discover-snap installed

  • virtualbox comes preinstalled

  • some apps
    office suite-libreoffice
    video player smplayer
    music player elisa
    email - thunderbird

well there are many things left out
explore it by yourselve :wink:

so lets see the boring themes :expressionless:

screenshots :face_with_monocle:

dark edition :nerd_face:

light edition :sunglasses:

now for download :smiling_imp:
dark edition->>>>>>>>>>>>


SHA1 : 70a2e7a6bf02886d45cb99972141e87e748085f5
MD% : c64d027fcc847ac9358bf7c0a552c533

light edition->>>>>>>

SHA1 : 58229e5149cbd0200f54cd80c3aa802024bb9946
MD5 : 2bb78477058ccf9c5ac186ad87196399

Disclaimer: i do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by installing these iso
eg :firecracker:
my initial purpose was to create an gaming edition
but it has become an all in one edition
though all gaming tweaks are included.
so there is no purpose for this edition,they are created to satisfy my itch.


That's the name of the game, my friend. User-centricity I believe it is called. :slight_smile:

Really nice artwork, BTW. :slight_smile:


i hope you can provide a guide to switch betwen dark and light without reinstalling, that will be very cool

Just install manjarowish-light-kde-settings
Or manjarowish-dark-kde-settings
Package then

create new user

sudo cp -rf /etc/skel/ ~/

oh nice, thanks

I love that background on the dark version.... Do you have a link to it please?


Now we have four layouts to choose from
all use latte-dock
1.extended layout(mac os like)

2.Unity layout

3.plasma horizontal layout

4.plasma vertical layout

to choose between layouts just right click on panel/dock

i managed to get anbox kind of working on live iso with linux419
at least it starts

but cannot click

i have found a way to enable bootsplash on the iso
it will be default instead of quite.

fix for sparse file not detected error of grub.

also btrfs as default fs for installation in calamares

fstab mount options removing discard for ssd and adding

this will be in next release.

Edit: Plymouth-git will be default
Edit2: enabling Plymouth isn't as easy as I initially thought.
Without changing manjaro patched grub.
Its calamares cfg that needed changes and enabling Plymouth module which is disabled by manjaro.
I have managed to settle the mkinitcpio.conf
Just grub remains problem
And I think I have got the solution to this problem.
Will see if it works or not.
Edit 3: zstd is not in shape to be used so continuing with lzo.

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Iso-profiles >>>>

Settings >>>>
Light >>

Dark >>

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can you please make an Profile without Transparency? It is glitshy with Nvidia

you can change the widget style to breeze
and you wont get most of transparency

My body, could you please post screenshots of the partitions needed in the hard disk, i just installed but i got some problems, thanks anyway for the distro:)

can you elaborate more
what were the problems?

Instead of unlock the system, it opens Kodi and when I close Kodi the lock screen appears again

Lower left side of the login page where it says Kodi. Use the drop down arrow and select whatever else is there probably plasma. Log in and it will stay that way from then on.

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Thanks dude, problem solved

You're welcome. You should mark the post that solved your problem by clicking the three (...) lower right of the post and then select the check box.

Very cool desktop, i'm downloading right now

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