Manjaron päivityksen varoitus - miten pitää reagoida?

Parin viimeisen automaattisen pöytäkoneen päivityksen alussa olen saanut tällaisen minulle oudon varoituksen (kts alla). Olen vain sulkenut ko varoituksen ja sen jälkeen päivitykset ovat mielestäni onnistuneet. Pitäisikö minun kuitenkin reagoida tähän varoitukseen jotenkin muuten (esim asentamalla tämän koneen Manjaro uudestaan tai jotain muuta) ?

@bogdancovaciu Thank you for your reply.

In case I understand you reply correctly, I should do as follows: When this warning [ Unable to lock database; Failed to synchronize databases ] is issued in the beginning of automatic update process, I should 1.) stop automatic update process → 2.) run command sudo pamac update --force refresh in Terminal → 3.) continue with the automatic update process in case it still is offered. Is this correct ?

In principle the lock database should not happen, unless you preform an install or update and you close the UI before it finishes, and then it hangs there while you open again the UI. At least that is what i noticed in very few occasions. Another way to go about it is to run from terminal:

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

And then continue the usual install or update procedure.

@bogdancovaciu Thank you reply.

I have not made any preform of my install or update(s). That’s why this warning made me ask if I should do something to prevent (or stop) this warning from repeating (like fresh re-install Manjaro or other actions).

Next time this warning appears I will run 1.) sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck and then 2.) sudo pamac update --force-refresh. Is this the correct procedure ?

The lock database can survive reboot, so probably can remain so for quite some time, and only then you notice. By simply removing the file you make pamac act normally from that point, but yeah, the refresh is a good thing especially if the mirrors are somehow behind with the updates.

@bogdancovaciu Thank you for advice ! I marked this issue as Solved.

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