Manjaro32 update from




I tried an update this morning and got:

error: failed retrieving file ‘manjaro32.db’ from : The requested URL returned error:
error: failed to update manjaro32 (unexpected error)

My pacman.conf contains:

Server =

then follow the repos from Archlinux32.

Is this still correct?


Edit : removed for outdated guideline

Have you done this after you put the [manjaro32] repo ABOVE others?

If you did one of the above, please post the contents of your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

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Distribution of x32 packages has changed to standard Manjaro mirrors.

Currently a stable branch is not available so you need to ensure your branch in pacman-mirrors.conf is set to testing or unstable what you prefer.

Branch = x32-testing

Pacman-mirrors v4.7 has been released which has support for for x32 branches.

So you can now use pacman-mirrors to create mirror list

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5


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Just realized [manjaro32] is now deprecated and the packages in it are moved into manjaro mirrors, more specifically on x32-testing branch (And also x32-unstable)

You can follow @fhdk steps above to follow the changes by using pacman-mirrors tool, or change the branch in your /etc/pacman/mirrorlist (Assuming you’re still using manjaro mirrors)

e.g :


Server =$repo/$arch/


Server =$repo/$arch/


The guidelines got changed on We removed the overlay package and provide on our normal server framework now. Please adopt to our new instructions.


Welcome, Andreas!