Manjaro32 - System Update 2019-11-17 broken gtk3-classic

I'm on x32-stable and was surprised that I got a black screen instead of loginscreen of lightdm displaymanager after upgrading my system.

After some investigation found that its a missing It was installed on the system but instead of /usr/lib as it should be in /usr/lib32 directory.
Culprit was gtk3-classic 3.24.12-1. Downgrading solved the problem only partially. (Error in updating icon cache). Switching to fully blown gtk3 (gtk3 1:3.24.12+32+g39e28ab933-1.0) was a workaround. Another workaround could be to copy the contents of /usr/lib32 to /usr/lib. A repacked gtk-classic with corrected paths would be way better

Thank you in advance

How is that related to gtk3-classic?

there are updates available but not a single topic

Then create a topic for your issue.

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