[manjaro32] Out-of-date Manjaro package report





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manjaro-tools-yaml from the extra repository is at 0.15.4 and not 0.15.6. this is preventing installation of manjaro-tools because the manjaro-iso-profiles packages require 0.15.6 or higher.

please update as and when you can, thanks

:: Do you want to skip the above packages for this upgrade? [y/N] n error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: unable to satisfy dependency 'manjaro-tools-yaml>=0.15.6' required by manjaro-iso-profiles-community :: unable to satisfy dependency 'manjaro-tools-yaml>=0.15.6' required by manjaro-iso-profiles-official


Looks like I need to trawl through the new GitLab structure and put together a new package build process.


Any ETA for the manjaro-tools-yaml update?

This week I have some time and could spun out and test some new ISO


Setting myself a reminder…

You could always build the package yourself if you’re impatient. :wink:

(Note to others: this is because I know Lolix could work out how to build the 32-bit package, not that I expect everyone to just build their own packages…)


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some new LTS kernel releases this week as and when you have time to deal with them thanks: