Manjaro 在虚拟机中的分辨率问题

When manjaro was installed as a virtual machine in WMware pro 16, I encountered a problem, that is, after updating the manjaro software, manjaro cannot adapt to the window size of the virtual machine to adapt to the window resolution. It is still possible before the update, no Know which great god can solve it.
manjaro gnome在WMware pro 16 中安装成虚拟机时,碰到一个问题,就是在跟新完manjaro gnome的软件后,manjaro gnome就不能跟随虚拟机的窗口大小自适应窗口分辨率,跟新之前还是可以的,不知道有哪位大神可以解决一下。

Is vmware tools installed in guest OS?

I don’t know why the error is reported. During installation, wmware tools can’t be installed

But after installing Manjaro in VMWare, you can install VM Ware tools, can’t you?