Manjaro XFCE vs. Xubuntu


Hello guys, I’m here to ask a very common question I guess, but I really want your opinion on this one.
So, I currently use Xubuntu 18.04 both on my Desktop and Laptop (I want to use the same distro on both of them), and I have also used Manjaro XFCE (a few weeks ago) on both of them too. I obviously want to ask why I “should” use one over the other one!? I am a big fan of XFCE (obviously), so I will end up using one of those distros.
Now from my experience on both of those distros, I know for a fact that Manjaro has AUR, that gives you much more software and a rolling realise, but I had a laggy conky on startup and also a laggy Octave. On the other hand with Xubuntu I have any of those problem, and also have the panel switch (witch I think I can install on Manjaro as well, but if you could answer this too, I’d be thankful!). Also on Xubuntu I think that I have a slower boot.
So can any of you let me know if Manjaro is the best option here? And just a dump question, but doesn’t Manjaro, cause of the rolling release get slower by time?
Thanks everyone in advance! :wink:


For which reason it get slower by time?


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