Manjaro XFCE - screen goes to power off - VLC stops to play music

I am using Manjaro XFCE 18.1.4 on one computer.
I have a small problem:
the computer is used as Audio PC, I am using VLC to play internet streams, but when the monitor goes to standby, the sound output is muted.


Are you using your monitors speakers? If so maybe turn off power saving on the monitor?

If the problem is that the computer suspends, then I would recommend turning off suspend on the computer. You should be able to do this from the Power Manager in the Settings.

If I misunderstand and your problem is more complicated, then I'd recommend having a read over at the Arch Wiki - they have a good article om power management.

I have a PCI sound card: ESI Audio Julia.
The outputs are connected to my HIFI equipment.

I guess this is a desktop computer, so there should be no auto suspend?
Anyway, you can choose not to suspend in the Power Manager in Settings.

Maybe turn off the Screensaver too.

...but when the monitor goes to standby, the sound output is muted.

The first thing to do is to disable that "monitor standby" issue, and first try with normal system settings - if that doesn't work, then that Arch article :point_up: is a good read.

I have disabled Suspend in the Manjaro Settings Manager.
I test, if that works correctly.

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