Manjaro XFCE randomly freezes (and a hot-key can unfreeze it?!)

I’ve recently switched to Manjaro XFCE from Windows, and I’ve been facing somewhat random freezes—I say ‘somewhat’ because I think it happens when I close or switch windows but I’m not certain.
When it freezes, I can move the cursor but nothing gets hovered or clicked, and none of the keyboard keys works (except the one I mention below). The screen isn’t completely frozen because I can see stuffs update as in I can get notifications, video keeps playing.
Smashing the keyboard randomly out of frustration, I’ve found that pressing alt+F7 unfreezes everything and then everything else runs normally.
I’m really confused.

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And in Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts
what is set to do that exactly ? If there is no entry about it, it might be just that pressing the keyboard it revives the system, that leads me to ask about entropy on that system > haveged package is installed and the systemd service active?

sudo pacman -Syu haveged
systemctl enable haveged --now

Thanks for the reply.
I haven’t changed the default keybinding for alt+F7, so it’s just Move window. Although, the entry is not in Settings > Keyboard > Application shortcuts but in the Window Manager > Keyboard.
I’ll try the haveged thing.
Also, if I run cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail, it outputs ~3826.

I occasionally experiences random freezes with XFCE. I’ve found switching to an older kernel usually solves the problem.

Hm, it’s running on Linux 5.8.3-2. I’ll downgrade it to 5.4.60-2 and see if that helps. I hope there’s no obvious downside to downgrading the kernel?

Can’t guarantee anything as each system is different. All I can say is, as a newbie myself, it worked for me.