Manjaro xfce minimal


thank you team manjaro for creating a minimal install iso.

Problems that i found in Manjaro

The Manjaro-Architect IS can do everything you wish to install–or not.

If you start removing stuff willy-nilly from a minimal installattion, you will quickly find yourself with an inoperable system.

Since you are used to Ubuntu, please realize that Manjaro is not Ubuntu so it will be necessary for you to learn its ways.

You can start with the Manjaro Wiki, the Arch Linux Wiki, and the Pacman Rosetta. I am purposely not giving those links so that you will need to do that work yourself.

Google is also your friend.



Locate all the >basic >extra tags.

  • The basic tags are what goes into minimal
  • The extra tags are what goes into full

Or you could just make your very own ISO with the preferred packages.


You could also just download the minimal xfce


Do you plan on having to install manjaro regularly? Installs are pretty infrequent, unless you are like me and blow up things regularly. I am happy with using the minimal… because I like to choose the app set myself.

Edit: I think most people here would agree that we do not aspire to be like Ubuntu. Ubuntu is ubuntu… and they do a pretty good job of being themselves. We don’t need to be like them.


If you look up the apps using the Pamac GUI - e.g. typing archive.

You can mark an app for removal - when you execute your choice you will be presented with the consequences of your choice. You can then decide if your choice removes other things - breaking xfce.

But starting your relationship with a new distro by removing applications - that is a bad choice.

On Xfce for example you will have both a WebBrowser entry and the different browsers which can be available. You cannot remove the WebBrowser entry as it is a part of Xfce and is used to launch the users preferred browser if several is installed - what ever that may be.

If you have two archive managers I am sure no harm is done by removing one of them.

  • I can see that both engrampa and file-roller is installed and that is a double-take which you can remove the one you don’t like.
  • You can also uninstall msoffice-online package if you have no use for it.
  • As you are stating you are using firefox - I assume you can uninstall midori package.

The following is stripping and removal of out-of-the-box functionality which Manjaro normally offers and you will be crippling your computer and you will face situations where you need to research what packages to add for a given functionality.

  • If you have no need for calendar app you can remove orage package.
  • Maybe flatpak is unneeded in your case - I don’t know.
  • If you have no need for connecting an Android device you can remove android-tools and android-udev packages.
  • If you have no use for filesharing you can remove samba package.
  • If you have no use for connecting to other computers or devices for file access you remove all gvfs-* packages.
  • If you have no use for audio you remove other packages.
  • If you have no use for building packages from AUR then other packages can be removed.
  • If you never use openconnect you can remove networkmanager-openconnect
  • If you never use vpn you can remove networkmanager-openvpn
  • If you never use pptp you can remove networkmanager-pptp
  • If you never use vpnc you can remove networkmanager-vpnc
  • If you never use mobile-broadband you can remove mobile-broadband-provider-info
  • If you never use mobile-broadband you can remove modemmanager as well
  • If you never use mobile-broadband you can remove usb_modeswitch as well
  • If you never use ssh you can remove openssh as well

But you got to ask yourself: To what end am I removing functionality?

Disk space costs nothing these days and the functionality mentioned takes no space worth talking about.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good grief! :-1:


unofficial side , look at - community -forum
for kde


If they work - they are appropriate :slight_smile:


Locate the Settings ManagerKeyboardApplication Shortcuts tab

The rest you can find doing a search with Google or you already know :slight_smile:


no - it is all there - no need for scripting etc.

Don't cheat - find it yourself before you peek here ....

I said don’t cheat :slight_smile:

No cheating

No cheating - did you find it?

Do you have to ...

I give up - here you go.

eject -T


Well, we try to educate the users to do some work - not expecting every thing served on a silver plate for easy consuming.

And I if you don’t bother to look below the top 3 results - I don’t even think you are worth educating or helping for that matter.

Such attitude is not going to bring you much help in this community.

The seventh post in the query I linked contains the straight answer.

Also - the answer is in my post - you just have to dig a little deeper. :slight_smile:


What you are asking is easily found if you do a little work yourself and that is what we expect users to do.

If your house help knows google why don’t you ask your house help then. Why bother coming here, if your household knows the answer?

I am not implying anything - you are - I am playing you - trying to trick you into doing some research on your own instead of having a copy-paste answer, and I am trying to do so in a friendly manner but you are taking it way too personal.

I have done so several times - also in this thread


Ouch :anguished:


Welcome to Manjaro Forum.
This is a forum, not a “Support Forum”.
Manjaro is a Linux distribution, meaning a project that gathers several Open Source programs from all over and packages them in a unified OS, so a user can use it and have a workable personal computer.
The Manjaro Team is putting considerable effort to make this happen in all its extend, with multiple DEs, sane defaults and graphical system tools to make it easier for non-experts.
There is no capability to serve with a Support Helpdesk. Hense, this forum is used by users that help each other. If someone can help another person, it can be done, in contradiction to “has to be done”.
It seems you don’t have much available time and this is not rare for people. Nevertheless, no-one in this forum is obliged to help anyone. It’s not mandatory, just optional and willing.
It sounds rude to treat people like they “have to” help you.
OTOH your questions are mostly on Linux things, not Manjaro particularly. If there is some dark secret that only Manjaro users or only Manjaro devs would know, please ask freely and you are entitled to be demanding for it. But you have to know that all Manjaro home brewed projects scripts and such is open source and you are free to see what they do, so … there is no secret!!

Please, find some time to contribute to the forum, since you get the benefit of a very nice and capable OS for your personal needs. I am sure you would find a couple of things, that some real newbies don’t know and they may appreciate your help.


This is entirely inappropriate.

You say that people giving you direction on how to help yourself isn’t the “Manjaro way” and then you insult someone and make a demand that they help you immediately?

I suggest you have a think about your expectations of a community. If you expect to be given things on a silver platter then this isn’t the place for you.

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