Manjaro XFCE 21.1.6 live USB window manager crashing when I click on the bottom panel

I recently updated my BIOS which added support for Windows 11, which I also recently installed fresh. I shrank my 1TB SSD in half to install Manjaro XFCE, and made a boot disk with Balena Etcher. When I boot to the USB and select proprietary drivers, the desktop loads, but crashes when I right click on the bottom panel, or open the wifi menu to connect to internet. Same thing happens after install. The panel will disappear, and I lose the ability to right-click on the desktop. The background will also black out momentarily when I click on it, and I am unable to launch any applications.

Are there any BIOS settings that could be messing with the stability of XFCE? I have secure boot turned off, and hard drives in AHCI mode.

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