Manjaro XFCE 18.1.0-rc1 ISO (testing branch)

This is the first full edition build of Manjaro-Xfce, representing a release candidate for the 18.1.0 'Juhraya' release. The full package list can be found here.

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Is esp-flag working now ? Tried the rc1 tonight, and esp-flag was missing.

Currently there won't be set any boot flags. We tested it on VirtualBox and our hardware we sell with Manjaro. So far no issues reported.

However, if there are issues please report them.

Currently we use kpmcore 3.3.0 with our ISOs.

I tried last night without esp-flag and got calamares warning message that system might not boot.
This was not my first install.
18.04 working as expected.

the new 18.1.0-rc ISO is working as expected. Set boot/efi as fat32 and esp-flag was provided. :+1:

Stupid question: What is different in this compared to the one i found digging in the download directories last week (which is the one I installed)?

I'm running this release in VirtualBox 6.0.8.

While building an iso (specifically running mksquashfs), after a while the screen goes completely black. When trying to get it to wake up, I get "This session is locked. You will be redirected to the unlock dialog automatically in a few seconds.", but I cannot unlock it.
Pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 gets me to a terminal, in which I can see mqsquashfs is running normally. I thought it might be a performance issue, but even when the buildiso process finished I could not unlock.

Any idea what could be going on?

Well I don't know why, but I have never had any luck with power management in ANY linux distro on my ASUS. I have to turn off hibernation and power save or the computer reboots when waking up. Period. No exceptions. Arch. Manjaro. Debian. Suse. Fedora. Unless I turn those off, when the screen locks, and I wake it up, I am back at GRUB.

ANyway, I would just disable power save and screen lock? Seems stupid to have the computer lock the screen while it's working.

In VirtualBox it doesn't make sense to have power saving anyway, but I just wanted to make sure this issue was reported. Disabling auto-locking and power saving will definitely work as a workaround.

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I noticed that the ISO grew to 2.2GB (previously it was 2.0GB). This commit previously reduced the KDE ISO to 2GB.

Is keeping the ISO size <= 2GB still a goal?

We added preloaded snaps so 18.1.0-rc2 went about 2.5 GB. We have to see if we may still have a 2 GB option.

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