Manjaro XFCE (17.0)



If you have made all your updates, you are running 17.0 now. This is a rolling release. (SOLVED) How to know current manjaro version and plasma version I use? You can use search function here in the forum.


Great release, working very fine here, thanks :smiley:


Absolutely amazing everything is in order thanks for all the hard work


Yes @banjo you’re right.

I installed the update. now i moved from Fringella to Gellivera

LSB Version: n/a
Distributor ID: ManjaroLinux
Description: Manjaro Linux
Release: 17.0
Codename: Gellivara

Thank you


Big improvement in nvidia, on certain machines in the past, I had a few issues with apps not launching and various stickiness after installing the nvidia driver, but a lot of that is starting to subside. On my current machine, everything themes well and works on the first click.


Well, have you find a solution for it? Honestly after upgrade everything seems to push my cpu so hard & it always hit 100% of usage unlike 16.10…Also the memory from 8-13% now eating up to 55%. Is there a way to solve it?


Failed to mount /home

I get this installing 17.0 and 16.10.3 in a VM using BTRFS for /home.
If i use BTRFS for the root partition it is complete unable to boot.


Hmm. Use ext4 or some other file format. Works like a charm.


I know, cause the “old” installation was on ext4.

But why dos BTRFS not work?
Can it be, that something from the updated VirtualBox is atm the problem?
I did not reboot after that update, so maybe something might be struck…

So it is a BTRFS problem…
I was not able to get a running VM if i used BTRFS for /home or /.
I always got “Device could not be mounted”.

Is this a bug or just a problem of VirtualBox?

Thanks for your help.


Phil and team, I’m a little late to the party but want to say thank you for a very good-looking and well-organized release. I only installed Manjaro XFCE 17.0.1 yesterday evening but so far I like what I see very much.