Manjaro won't start from flash drive

Hello everyone. Help with the installation of manjaro, when choosing to boot from a flash drive in fastboot, a black screen and the inscription “grub” in the upper left corner and that’s it. The recording was made in turn by 5 different programs: Rufus, etcher, win32diskimager, unetbootin, universal USB instaler. The image was checked after the download. Any other less widespread distro starts without problems.

Try to change UEFI/Legacy mode in BIOS. If you have Legacy, change to UEFI First, and vice versa.
Alternatively see if you can select mode while booting off USB stick. My motherboards show under F9 Boot device for example Kingston USB Stick 16GB (…) and that’s UEFI entry, and another one next to it USB Drive (no further details) and that’s the same stick but in Legacy mode.

laptop dv6-6b54er, old bios only.
Pure ARCH starts with the same conditions without any problems.