Manjaro won't boot from USB, problem with GRUB (can't find the solutin online)


i have a problem when trying to boot Manjaro from USB. It’s detected in BIOS and i can select it. The problem is when it starts it displays Welcome to grub and after that it says error: unknown filesystem and it enters grub rescue. I don’t have linux on my pc at the time. It’s happening only with the manjaro iso version 17.0.1, which i downloaded twice, first using torrent, second direct download. Kubuntu and Manjaro 16.10, an older iso which i have boot normally. I have tried with different USB stick also. Can someone help me solve the issue, i will be grateful.

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What process or application are you using to burn the ISO?

Unetbootin is not supported, BTW…

i used the latest portable version of Rufus. I also forgot to mention that i used 2 laptops to burn the ISO on two sticks.

Can you try using ‘dd’ to burn usb?

I don’t use Windows so I am unfamiliar with Rufus. But a live image should not be entering grub-rescue mode if properly burnt.

If you can do as @gohlip says and use Linux (even a different distro’s live image) ‘dd’ command, we can narrow it down from there.

I also saw a similar post suggesting Rufus may have more than one ISO-burning mode.


Some Iso burners are a problem. I don’t know about Rufus, but I know Etcher does work and you can install it on Windows also. There is also portable version, no need to install anything


I tried ‘dd’ on 17.01 Xfce and it boots up okay.
I did not try booting on VM and that is what chery may have attempted.
HunterNG has not got back on using ‘dd’.

The feedback on 17.01 may be interesting as this now uses a new way (grub) of booting .
HunterNG says he cannot boot using rufus and chery cannot get to work on VM.

If this is true, the developers may want to know more.

我的也是 17就可以 17.0.1的xfce就不行

奇怪, 我没有问题.

Now svmo here also says he has problem using ‘dd’ .
Anybody else having (or not having) problems in 17.0.1 iso (grub version) iso?

Oh,sorry. I’m not tried ‘dd’ .I just burn 17.0.1xfce used poweriso on Windows system.but 17 xfce in the same way is well.

I tried ‘dd’on 17.01 Xfce last night. It’s OK.


sorry for not replying, i dint have much free time,l. i have just been using kubuntu in the time but will return to manjaro. i will test dd today.

i used to use “iso to usb” on windows, the other didn’t do a bootable drive

dd should work perfectly from any linux

well after some testing i got it to work. when i used dd on kubuntu it also went to grub rescue. then i saw that the usb had gpt ptotection. when i removed it and used rufus again (in dd mode) i successfuly booted into Manjaro from live usb. thanks everyone for support.

hey :slight_smile:
i’m also a first-time linux/manjaro user and currently trying to switch away from w10.
Loaded manjaro-kde-17.0.1-stable-x86_64.iso. SHA1 was checked and is correct.
Used RUFUS 2.14 Portable to create the USB stick.

i did use the “iso copy” mode, since it is recommended by rufus.
Unfortunatly, when i boot this stick on my dell xps, i had to disable secure boot (seems legit to me) and i’m now getting the same grub error “unknown filesystem” when i boot via uefi.

Switching to legacy boot works, but i wanted to keep uefi mode.
i’ll now try to create the stick with the experimental “dd” option in rufus.

i’ll report back later.

@Trynn, Manjaro recently (with 17.0.1) changed to GRUB on the Live ISO, so please use the DD mode option in Rufus. The ISO mode in Rufus is reported to no longer work correctly.


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I can confirm: Rufus with “dd” mode works on 17.0.1 when UEFI in Bios is enabled.

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