Manjaro won't boot after stable update 21.1.1

After today’s update my PC won’t boot anymore. I can’t even get into the terminal to try to get some logs.
I thought I broke something but after reinstalling the entire OS and updating again it’s again not booting.

Did you do manual partition when reinstalling? If yes what was your partition scheme?

Manual partition is still broken sometimes due to KPMCore bug (library that Calamares uses for partitioning). One might need to check attributes/flags of partition using GParted or similar tool.
I’ve fixed it but the update will be there after some time…

You should be able to get those from a liveUSB.

I have an 260mb boot partition and a 900 something GB main partition formated as BTRFS and a 17.something gb swap partition. Usually I do not change these partitions but just reformat them when I want to change filesystems or distros.

So will I still be able to use Manjaro gnome with a btrfs Partition?

So i now figured out getting rid of the swap partition fixed it. I’m not sure if i might be able to restore the swap partition to see if i can get a swap back even though i probably should.

Edit: WAIT I’m a moron and it’s still broken. I’ll now try to install it with the newest 21.1.1 iso instead of my old 20.0.7 iso

Last Edit: So it’s works now with the newer installer so maybe it was just the Kernels fault (5.10 instead of 5.13) i don’t know that is the only thing i now which changes which was installed through a update with the other versions