Manjaro won’t boot with Radeon 5700XT

I can’t provide much info up front as I would have to pipe it to a file, swap hardware, and reboot every time (or transcribe by hand) but i will do so for anything you guys need on request.

My PC currently has a Ryzen 5 2400G in it. When graphics output is through my motherboard, everything works buttery smooth and lovely. As soon as I move the hdmi cable to the GPU and reboot, though, it gets to the end of boot just fine, then never starts my display manager. Just sits at the end of boot. Quick tapping the power button powers off cleanly just fine as I’d expect from a working machine, I can get myself into a tty just fine with ctrl-alt-f2. The only problematic thing I see in the boot printout is at the very beginning: I get an “unable to write to IOMMU perf counter” and then a bunch of APCI ERRORs: Aborting method due to previous error. It’s highly possible I’m just doing something stupid here- this is my first time trying to use a dedicated GPU, and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

What kernel are you on?

Shoot that should’ve been one of the first things I said, sorry. I’ve tried on 4.19 and 5.2. I’m on testing branch, both fully updated.

IDK how true this is but:

The official AMDGPU 19.30 driver package (i.e. from AMD itself) only supports Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, while solid widespread support for the RX 5700 cards won't arrive until MESA 19.3. However, development is moving very quickly on this.

We are on MESA 19.1.2-1 in stable.

I've actually been thinking about buying a Radeon RX 5700 XT myself for gaming. But I've found that AMD didn't really have day 1 Linux support for some reason for this card. I was doing a lot of research today on it.

This is why I recommend people to never buy brand new hardware until a month or two has passed for driver support (on both Windows & Linux).


Branch Expected date Release Release manager
19.1 2019-07-23 19.1.3 Juan A. Suarez
2019-08-06 19.1.4 Juan A. Suarez
2019-08-20 19.1.5 Juan A. Suarez
2019-09-03 19.1.6 Juan A. Suarez
2019-09-17 19.1.7 Juan A. Suarez
19.2 2019-08-06 19.2.0-rc1 Emil Velikov
2019-08-13 19.2.0-rc2 Emil Velikov
2019-08-20 19.2.0-rc3 Emil Velikov
2019-08-27 19.2.0-rc4 Emil Velikov
19.3 2019-10-15 19.3.0-rc1 Dylan Baker
2019-10-22 19.3.0-rc2 Dylan Baker
2019-10-29 19.3.0-rc3 Dylan Baker
2019-11-05 19.3.0-rc4 Dylan Baker

Well that’s incredibly disappointing. I sure hope that’s not true. I thought I read on Phoronix that support came almost immediately in mesa, though I suppose that might’ve just been RADV

Glad it’s not a bad GPU or something though. I can wait, i’ve waited a while already, though it will suck.

you need Kernel 5.3 (available as RC in testing) and Mesa 19.2 (available in the Arch mesa-git repository, google will find that for you).

Has this been tested? Should it work?

with some hiccups, yes. 5.3 is in early RC state, not much testing has been done yet. 19.2 is in development for quite some time, that one should work with only smaller issues.

I really meant tested with the hardware :). I am familiar with the testing repo and am fine with a slightly less stable kernel. but trying to install mesa-git was a massive headache before, as so much depends on the mesa package that conflicts with it. Can I safely remove all of that? does mesa-git provide it? (32 bit support and stuff like vulkan)

mesa-git should work in place of mesa. mesa-git just pulls from the most updated commit. But I don't recommend going that route personally... it's far too bleeding edge. I recommend just waiting until it gets into Manjaro unstable/testing/stable.

I like the bleeding edge. It's why I bought my hardware on release day. Totally aware I could screw my entire system- I have backups of everything important. Linux is fun. :smile:

Which will probably be in a month or two. That's a long time to not be able to use your GPU. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn. It’s not working. Doing the same thing it did before but now it won’t let me go into tty or cleanly shut off. hdmi through mobo still works fine

it’s certainly not ideal to wait a month, but i built this with the cpu it has right now as a placeholder months ago. if it’s the best option i can do it. if i can get it working now though i would definitely prefer that

UNfortunatelly i found out the hard way....Bought 5700 XT...(trully never thought id have issues) found out my manjaro is not booting....the waiting game...

You have to use ubuntu if you want to run that GPU right now

Yeah, my days on Ubuntu are done...i guess Canonical has a special relation with AMD now...

Try the new kernel 5.3, it brings support for newer AMD hardware

Has anyone had any luck with kernel 5.3? Planning on buying a 5700XT in around 3 weeks and curious if there's been any progress

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