Manjaro WoL (Wake on LAN) not working on Lenovo Thinkpad X200

I am struggling with the WoL function on an old Thinkpad X200. I activated WoL in the boot menu. I tried to use sudo ethtool eth0 but it says:
netlink error: no such device matches name (offset 24) netlink error: No such device No data available
I tried multiple ways of waking it from shutdown and from sleep, but still nothng happens.

EDIT: My network card is Intel 82567LM

Hi @tarneo, an welcome!

  1. There’s need a lot more information to necessary possibly help. It might not, in fact it is likely that it won’t be me, but anyone else would need this information as well. Please see How to provide good information
  2. I can’t be sure, but it almost looks to me as if eth0 isn’t the correct device name.
  3. Is it WoL enabled in your BIOS/UEFI?
  4. Does the laptop support it, or would you have to use software to simulate the same functionality?