Manjaro with Ryzen 3 3200g (Vega 8) any experience ?

Is it working? :slight_smile:

When you have some more info, please post :slight_smile:

Asrock Deskmini A300 & Ryzen 5 3400G is working fine with KDE (only), but haven't tested gaming, video editing or any other GPU features now.
Youtube seems fine at first glance.
All hardware components (Audio In/Out / HDMI / DP / Ethernet / Wifi / Bluetooth/USB/NVMe,...) working.
CPU temps are normal. :slight_smile:

Strange XFCE doesn't work.

you could try wayfire linux it works.
just update the kernel to linux54
or to linux-amd-raven
or to linux-mainline
or to linux-tkg-{pds,muqss,bmq}
after install.
and install mesa-git from repo.


Stock kernel (5.3 and RC 5.4) with Ryzen 3400G generates glitches and freezes.
Thanks @Librewish for a hint with raven kernel - works like a charm. I hope Manjaro Team will patch stock kernels.

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Cinnamon version boots and installs fine

Have you tried it with desktop compositing, any issues there?

Not really played about with anything like that, but videos and retroarch run fine

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Which distro/flavor?

XFCE gets green screen at boot.
Strange some DE's like Cinnamon and KDE are okay.
They are on the same Kernel 5.3

Yes, same for me. Xfce version started with a green screen but gnome version boots ok. In addition, as you edit the grub options at live boot with xfce and set at radeon 0 should also start xfce.

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seems like current XFCE is now too old to work on modern hardware :wink:

For the records:
after several fails over the last months I finally managed to run Manjaro 19 Xfce on my Ryzen 3400G without issues.
To be able to boot the Xfce DE I had to manually remove the proprietary Nvidia driver that I had installed. I needed an old Nvidia card in the first place to be able to install Manjaro 18.

Do you still need nvidia to boot new Xfce ISO? Or it can boot without it just on Ryzen's Vega?

And now that you are running Manjaro 19, have you tried compositing and how does it work?

I have a system with AMD Ryzen3400g and Asus Prime B450M-A without an extra graphics card and running the free drivers. Installation with 19.0.2 worked smoothly, last week there was a bug with some AMD CPUs that would not let the system shutdown or reboot, you can read about it here but the issue was solved quickly with an other update, so now everything works smoothly again.

One thing to consider concerning 4k: The 3400g (and apparently also the 3200g) have no problems with 4k Resolution, but some cheap mainboards only have hdmi 1.4 which has only 24 hz for 4k resolution. I read about some people still getting 60 hz on those boards even though it is not in the official specification, but to make sure, i chose a mainboard that has hdmi 2.0 output for graphics. Just in case you might want to add a 4k display later. :wink:

Concerning your other questions: Unfortunately i do not have a second monitor to test multi display and i did not try fancy composers. Video display and basic xfce stuff works fine.

Thank you for your input.

At the end I decided not to go with AMD with integrated graphics, but
with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (and Asus Prime B450 board), and my old nvidia 450GTS.

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hi srdjan .
i like the job you did getting info before buying, put so much time ,
effort and patient are noble !!

accidentally i bought the R3 3200g vega 8 and although i find
the cpu performance really good. i couldn't start the gpu
no matter help i got from debian (oh ya i use that) wiki
nor amd support.

i also have an old nvidia which works fine but i prefare using
the gpu (obviously) .

do you have any suggestion for me .
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My main machine is similar to yours (an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3500U w/ Radeon Vega8). I think the integrated GPU is always on, you have no other option without a separate dGPU installed.

Well, general impression I had with Vega 8/11 from all sources I could find is that
there ARE some problems, some of them are addressed, some solved, and some require
some technical knowledge to solve, and me being pretty much "average Joe", in 21.
century, I just want my essential system parts to work without having to apply some
voodoo stuff on them.

I now replaced my nvidia too, but not after trying to get as much possible info on
amd gpu drivers from multiple sources (on this forum, and other good sources).

But there are some other factors too, budget, of course. I managed to raise a little
bit more and go with R7 2700 8c/16t, and got some nice deal on used RX570, 8GB,
and those 2 are working without any problems, for now.

So for me Vega 8/11 story is over, and I can't help you very much on that, as you
can see I was trying to get info on that myself, too.

But from what I understand for Vega 8/11 newer kernels (and newer mesa) is
the must, Debian is excellent, but I don't know in new Debian Buster repos
is mesa or kernel new enough for good support of those.

yes , although you must see the screen for 2D application \ games support.
no one promise you 3D graphics accelerator on linux .

and all the words; glx ,mesa openCL are blured for me .

I even installed debian bullseye (testing version of debian)
and no support for the vega 8 there also....

will see....

Don't you have screen tearing ? Everything works great ?
Cause Manjaro KDE (also tried gnome, and still got the same problems) works bad on my laptop with the same characteristics.

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