Manjaro with only one desktop environment

why doesn’t manjaro focus on only one de like ubuntu and fedora. this will have many possible benefits like a more polished overall distro, less bugs etc. it would also be very easy to troubleshoot any issue. people will probably argue on choosing that particular de but i think it should be kde as that’s what most manjaro users are on. also let's keep it simple stupids - arch. also what happened to the minimal iso ?


Because that would be a terrible idea. It’s too restrictive, and too many other distributions are doing that already.

Besides, Manjaro has only three official editions, i.e. …

  • XFCE (the original Manjaro desktop)
  • Plasma

All other desktop editions are community editions, developed by individual team members in their own time.

On top of that, there are reasons as to why Fedora focuses on GNOME, namely that GNOME is developed in-house at RedHat, and Fedora is a RedHat-sponsored project; it’s the “Testing” release for the next RHEL, and RHEL is a commercial product ─ it comes with a support contract ─ for corporate environments.

By the way, Fedora does support other desktop environments, so long as it isn’t Plasma. There’s a history behind that too; RedHat has in the past boycotted KDE, and has always treated KDE like a stepchild. So it was kind of to be expected that they would stop supporting it.

As for Ubuntu, the original Ubuntu did start off with GNOME only ─ the reason being that they wanted to pack as much software into their .iso as possible. But Canonical was and still is also sponsoring Kubuntu (KDE) and Xubuntu (XFCE), and in the past (and possibly still) Lubuntu (LXDE).

Canonical did try with some “innovations” of their own ─ the Unity desktop, which was just a modified GNOME, and Mir, as an alternative to Wayland. Both endeavors have failed. Mark Shuttleworth has also always been rather impulsive and whimsical ─ not exactly someone with a steady vision for the future.


Aragorn already gave you a very extensive answer, concerning the other DE offcially supported by Canonical and Fedora.

I’m trying to respond to your second assertion of KDE being what the majority uses. I was a long time KDE users, but have switched to XFCE a couple of years ago, as I personally felt I don’t need all those bells and whistles, that they actually got into the way of my preferred workflow. XFCE suits my needs rather nicely, those might be entirely different from your needs, and again a different set from a third user.

The beauty of Linux is not being stuck with a single choice, I can and have installed other DE manually to my system, which was working just fine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the work done by the maintainers of the community editions.

But for the sake of argument, could you offer an example on where the distro could appear more polished? I never felt it was lacking anywhere, but would be delighted to hear another opinion.


They’re available on the download page just like they always have been.

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I’ve been using GNU/Linux since 1999, and I’ve used many different distributions ─ both on servers and on workstations. But in all that time, I had never come across a distribution as polished as Manjaro, and that’s why I’ve stuck with it for now almost three years.



Manjaro is about Polished as they come. I usually don’t have major issues.


I use Manjaro because it is a simplified, easy to install, easily maintained, more stable, Arch system with a slight delay for added testing of packages prior to update.

I use Cinnamon desktop and have no interest in the Plasma desktop from KDE. If I wanted to use KDE I would run the KDE distro.(I actually have a computer that runs KDE Plasma with old hardware for the kids, because KDE have lots of educational material and they are made for that distro.)
I have two computers running Manjaro Cinnamon, if I needed to I could run XFCE and customize it to my liking, but I would still rather have Nemo rather than Thunar as a file manager. If Manjaro got rid of the ability to use Cinnamon or Nemo I would simply switch to Endeavor or go full Arch, and in Arch you basically just make your own Operating system with different pieces.


see here

@Aragorn I wasn’t saying that it isn’t, i actually think it is an excellent distro. The OP was stating that he saw room for more polish, i was merely inquiring about specifics.

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