Manjaro, wine and earmaster

Hello everyone!

Having an old macbook pro from 2011 on Manjaro.

I wanted to install ear master via wine The installation itself goes well, however when I try to open ear master a window appears and disappears instantly…

Knowing that I am a beginner in Manjaro and not an expert in wine, I do not have too much idea about what can be a problem.
And this despite some research on the subject. I wonder if it’s not a wine library to install?

Thank you in advance for your answers


According to wineHQ are listed 2 versions, 5 that is old, and 6 that kind of works … What version you installed? You can also backtrace the errors under wine and see what is failing when opening the application.

Maybe consider an alternative, native for linux?

Hello !

I’ve installed the 7 version of earmaster but with alternativeto i think i’m going to find an alternative of earmaster !

Thank you !