Manjaro/Windows 11 Dual Boot Help

I’m aiming to Dual Boot with Windows 11 being my primary OS, and Manjaro alongside.

I have Windows 11 installed on 512GB SSD, and I want to keep Manjaro on my 2TB HDD (I will have other data on this HDD residing already) as its something I will be working on occasionally, and I want to keep both OS separate. (I had Windows Boot Manger go wild years agoI tried Dual booting both OS in one drive)

As I head to Manjaro Installer, in Partitions section, I head to create partitions within my HDD for Manjaro. And then when it asks me where the bootloader should be installed. It gives me the following options:

  1. Install into SSD drive
  2. Install into HDD drive
  3. Install into /boot partition (Do i even need this partition if I have to install into the HDD directly? Which one would be better?)
  4. Do not install boot loader

Please advise me which option would be the most beneficial for me.

Thank you!

Hi @thejaymax, and welcome!

Perhaps you’ll find this useful: