Manjaro + Windows 10 problem with Grub

Lately i decided to give a shot to linux system after all these years. I picked manjaro version gnome.
Of course after first installation i had problem with booting with errors “no such device” “unknown file system” and grub rescue command line. Somehow i fixed it but it lasted 2 days untill windows updated itself, then everything blew up. Had to format manjaro partition and use special program to remove efi boot options to normally use windows. Tried to install manjaro from scratch but problem persist and i noticed that after following tutorial and creating separate boot partition for manjaro it still creates two boot loaders on the partition i created and on windows efi partition. and im thinking if i should really create efi for manjaro or maybe try installing it without it ?
EDIT: I will add that when i used USB Stick with manjaro and selected find efi bootloaders and picked the right partition (the one that i created myself) it boots normally. I just dont know how to physically set it as main loader ?

read some announce

  • If you need dual-boot you can reactivate os-prober the easiest with the following command combination in a terminal:

echo GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false|sudo tee -a /etc/default/grub && sudo update-grub

So if I install Manjaro again according to tutorial with separate EFI partition separate root and home partitions it will be broken at start with no such device and unknown filesystem but i should boot using usb stick and enable os prober and it should fix all the problems with booting and grub rescue popup ?