Manjaro Wiki sanitization - report dangerously outdated articles here!

Thanks for the input.

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Oh jeez. This references kernel 3.4 and uses rc.local.

Actually … a few pages have rc I found:

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The page needs the commonly used options under 'Configuring Compton' updated.

Working directly off the current recommendation I suggest these changes:

REMOVE 'paint-on-overlay = true;' (#option is removed, now enabled by default when possible)
REMOVE 'clear-shadow = true;' (#option removed, shadows automatically cleared now)
CHANGE TO 'vsync = true;' (#vysnc now takes a boolean value)
REMOVE 'no-dock-shadow = true;' (and) 'no-dnd-shadow = true;' (deprecated format)
and ADD under wintypes section so that it is now

    dock = { shadow = false; };
    dnd = { shadow = false; };
    tooltip = { shadow = false; };

The recommended placement of the config has also moved from ~/.config/compton.conf to ~/.config/compton/compton.conf (although either works for now).

This brings the page in line with the current Compton configuration options. I'm not in a good position to address the wider issue of if the 'commonly used' options are worthwhile.

I also suggest adding paths to the default files so that users may look for themselves to customise their compton configuration:

Hopefully someone with wiki access can make these changes. :grin:

I've intended to run clamav on my manjaro setup and ran into some trouble, as the

sudo pacman -S clamav

did of course install clamav on my system, however when trying to enable the service as instructed here
I've just received the notice

Failed to enable unit: Unit file clamd.service does not exist.

I then went to /usr/lib/systemd/system and found the following 3 files

clamav-daemon.service  clamav-daemon.socket  clamav-freshclam.service

With this information, I was able to enable the service and start it by typing

sudo systemctl enable clamav-daemon.service
sudo systemctl enable clamav-freshclam.service

and finally start the daemons for clamav and freshclam

sudo systemctl start clamav-daemon
sudo systemctl start clamav-freshclam

I've also installed clamtk from AUR for a graphical UI and enabled the respective module in Claws Mail to have my mail being checked by clamav.

This is a little writeup for others who also run into issues with setup of clamav.

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Thank you for pointing it out.

This should indeed be dealt with.

These should be done. Please review.

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Looks good to me. :+1:

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The clamav wiki page has been updated. Thanks for reporting, it was almost entirely out of date.

Oh, this is great news / thanks for updating the page so fast!

I was unsure where the best place to put this would be so I put it here. I can move it to a more relevant location if necessary.

I was attempting to troubleshoot why Manjaro wouldn't install on my computer. For whatever reason I figured I'd try a different iso burner, unlikely to make a difference, but why not?

Anyways, I followed the main website to this wiki link. Under the "Burning to a CD/DVD in Windows" section there is a link to ImgBurn. If you follow that link, go to the downloads page for the latest release it takes you to a pretty fishy mirror. Well I downloaded it and ran it against VirusTotal and this was the result. It installs OpenCandy AdWare. Now obviously the slightly more aware wouldnt fall for this. But it still seems like a bad thing to have linked on the Wiki. I just wanted to make you guys aware.

I went on to the ImgBurn forum to see if they were aware that their number 1 mirror has a virus wrapper on it. However it would seem that the main Author of the application is already aware and is more concerned about specifying that its really more of a PUP than a virus.

In my opinion I feel like there are way better ISO burning applications out there that should be recommended over anything on that list. Stuff like Etcher, UUI, and even Unetbootin are better and as it would seem safer choices of ISO burners.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do or any questions I can answer.



I've merged this into the "Wiki sanitization" thread.

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The link from the wiki is just to the main imgburn website. The downloads page has this:

Which mirror did you pick?

Sorry, should have been more clear with that. Mirror 1, the Digital Digest link is the mirror I used.

However I posted this on the Manjaro subreddit and someone also tested the ImgBurn mirror 7 and it came up as bad aswell.

Do the checksums match?

There is more than one issue here.

The only way you can that file is by clicking this shady download button over here which gives you a completely different file:

This is pretty common with these download sites which is why I removed all the direct links to download sites from the wiki.

The official one direct from comes bundled with the opencandy adware.

Since all these things are pretty common with Windows shareware/freeware I am just going to remove the links from the wiki and people can decide for themselves how and if they should download them.


Right. Yeah thats what I was getting at when I said it was an extremely fishy hosting site.

It may not be my place but would it be worth putting in better alternatives to ImgBurn as a whole? Even if they arent adware ridden they are still old pieces of software with much better alternatives. Etcher being the first thing that comes to my mind obviously. UUI, Unetbootin and even Win32DiskImager.

yeah i guess many people just dont know to download the file from such website.
actual download link is hidden in text paragraph.