Manjaro - what does it mean?

What does Manjaro mean? I did a search on the forum and on DuckDuckGo. I ran into the issue related to a prior failure of the forum and related issues. “page is private or does not exist.” Please pardon me for asking the question which has probably already been ansked and answered.

Give that a lot of searches on the web point to the forum (historical info I guess?) which seems to be broken… Is there a recommended workaround?



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Also … its from Mt. Kilimanjaro
(apparently one of the founders had taken a trip there)


The answer is in the Manjaro Wiki, albeit a bit hidden. :slight_smile:

How is ‘Manjaro’ Pronounced?

Although the inspiration for the name originates from Mount Kilimanjaro, it may be pronounced as ‘Man-jar-o’ or as ‘Man-ha-ro’.


Try this… :arrow_down:

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Thanks folks. That is some good and interesting information.


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too jaro is man :rofl: