Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


Maybe, with a another window manager, anyone with real world experience with CSS could adapt the interface for a different use case, perhaps in a day or two.


Yeah! Exactly my thoughts. One being bundling it with a point-of-sale service with only a certain selection of goodies for most users – then your bartender can change the music or whats streaming on the TVs, call you a cab, and ring up your drink all at the same spot.
Not that you couldnt already do that with other desktop based POS … but the interface lends itself well to that type of scenario as a cohesive environment. (The tabs remind me of some of the modern POS’s.)


Downloading the iso as I type this…

There’s no md5/sha256 checksum in that directory. Could you post one?

Thank you.


Something like that would be better to be written from scratch for that porpuse, you could even use jak backend, but is not really well tested for a commercial environment, and the code could be better. @cscs

Click the info button next to the file the checksum is there @viordiasko


I recently know this desktop from my friend, then watched on Youtube. I have downloaded the latest build yesterday, then tried testing with liveUSB. But, I can’t finishing boot

I’m wondering why…? I can boot liveUSB with other stable branch.


Did you download from sourceforge or odsn?
Did you run a checksum before?


By this link for getting new release of Webdad. No, I did not run checksum.


do a checksum - md5sum file.iso ( 74c832f7ccb67ffa5dbff7be804df69a )

On my end it runs fine in VM and Real hardware, anyway I will have another look tonight.

Bare in mind, that image is from unstable branch.


Thanks for reply, and also wait for the progress of Webdad. Thanks for this development.


You can also try this one -


It works with osdn. Thanks.


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New Desktop JADE in the works!

Fine fine … last thing I’m doing before killing that github account.


tanks, I got to trending, now that i am there not realy sure whats next, maybe a cold beer.

New Desktop JADE in the works!

Dash v0.6.1 is out
Minor UI fixes
Better button layout.
Code clean up, resulting in better performance and ram usage.
Distribution Logo added.
Disk space now updates dynamically.
Better application display in smaller screens.


Looks great, it’s better all the time

thanks for your hard work


Looks great man!

I am really looking forward to this desktop environment.

Thanks for your effords!


Since long I ve been trying to test on Qemu.
The VM boots but hangs midway and I have no option but cold shut the VM.
Any clue what is the issue? Unless I boot off the ISO, I can’t install on virtual disc !


Hey, I’ve got trouble!
I’d installed the Manjaro WebDad with JADE, but after update it got broken: during update was installed the Plasma5 DE, but when I’m logging in with JADE session, JADE and Plasma5 starts both, first JADE, then Plasma5.
How I can fix this? Or how you can fix this?
One more trouble:

installing jade-dashboard-git (0.6.1-1) breaks dependency 'jade-dashboard' required by jade-desktop-mode

when update. All other packages are clearly updated.


And one more!
JADE breaks keyboard layout switching, when using JADE session. When using plasma session everything is OK, but JADE continue to start.