Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


Thanks, that matches my experience with Manjaro. I agree that it is a good decision to post this. Anyone interested in a smooth usage experience should use it without regret.


@codesardine Vitor, I demonstrated (showed off) this week’s version of WebDad (JADE) to a number (6) senior citizens, light-touch computer types. They found the layout and approach interesting. The three major comments offered were:
–make the text easily readable by older eyes (ie. easily adjustable contrast, size, boldness, etc.)
–change the fly-outs to be more linear (less on an arch).
–“the voice” should be optional and very easy to adjust (volume & speach accent)

I hope this is helpful


It is very helpful, tank you. @manyroads


Were do I change the terminal colors .Xresources? @oberon


New login theme is finish for now, pictures can be seen on top of the post :smiley:


I now have a good base to work on, alpha 7.2 is out.
Hit that download button, and let me know what you think :grinning::grinning:

Download Manjaro WebDad


Modern Desktop for modern people (Comming soon :grinning:)


Hi there, I have install jade-dashboard-git 0.5.58.r236.81edc75-1 ; jade-desktop-mode 20180502-1 ; jade-menu-data-git r30.1847dcf-1 ; python-jade-application-kit 1.3.5-1, but the desktop doesn’t show in the list before log in, I only see Plasma and Cinnamon but no Jade.
Will this be fixed in the upcoming updates?

Thank in advance, have a great evening.


It will autostart when you login in cinnamon or plasma, you cannot run it standalone without additional software like a window manager, or use webdad in a VM.


Manjaro 17.1.10 WebDad Alpha 7.3 is out :grinning:

Pictures updated at the top.

Download Manjaro WebDad



Thanks! I love new test drives. :smiley:



Enjoy probably won’t be doing another one soon :sweat_smile::grinning:


A labor of love, I’m sure. But you developers–you just don’t realize how important you are to the whole Linux Ecosystem. Great successes, half-runs, and dismal flops all have played a part in where we are now, adn where we are going. You are all greatly appreciated.

Nobody accomplishes anything in a vacuum.



Tank you for your kind words, we booth know that is alot of duck tape here, I cannot build everything from scratch or even compare it with the big boys, but still is a cool concept, indeed made with love, sweat and a few rants along the way.


Does everyone remember the annoying word paperclip?


We might have something similar coming to Hunt you in Manjaro WebDad, here is a concept :grinning::joy::rofl:


Next Up!: Manjaro Bob


Manjaro Bob sounds great, but maybe something a bit more German.


This new version should be a bit better, is color coded so it can be distinguished easier, and if we dont remember an application name we will remember the color, we can also ZOOM the entire desktop by using CTRL + MINUS or CTRL + PLUS.

Contrast or gamma can be adjusted in settings, under display and monitor.


This Edition now got to a decent state so I released a Video.


And I am this guy here :point_up:

:+1: :joy:

I’ve really enjoyed watching your progress on this. Keep it up. :slight_smile:
(Is it just me, or could you imagine this in a school, or work or public ‘terminal’ settings, like hotels? Not to say it isnt for general use … just some of the use-cases that come to my mind)