Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


Jade is broken, since last JAK realease, was not updated yet to support the latest framework, will get back to you when that is done, is half way there. Meanwhile you can always use the iso image that still works if you don’t update.


I’ll wait… and test. :wink:


Sneak Peak, at upcoming version.


Had the day off work today and fixed the dash should be in the repos soon :smile:


Did you see the latest picture above it comes with watcom drivers out of the box :grin::smiley: @bogdancovaciu, dont tell anyone.


The word is spread already :smiley:

Just now i saw your post and update. I think i’m way behind reading, don’t know yet how to manage this. Often times i get lost between some forum posts, some youtube channel and the work i want to do.

Looking great. The side panels are neat, where not there few months ago when i last played with it:D but helps a lot !!!


Sometimes I avoid the forum so i can get things done :sweat_smile::grinning:

Development Is going very slowly will get there at the end.


Is just one more step. I like it! Maybe for my use i would remove the Game and Media Center desktops and replace them with Drawing Desktop. Not sure if is possible that each desktop to have it’s own right click menu, but on that i would definitely have krita, gimp, mypaint, blender and maybe PureRef to open …
I will play with it more in a couple of days.


The workspaces foncionality was dropped for next version, since that was dependent of the window manager and now it comes with kwin instead, maybe it will be remplemented using kwin script in the future but I am not familiar with it yet.


Just updated the photos on the page threat for upcoming alpha 7.


BOAH, look what buildiso just dropped on my lap !!



I have one little remark about the terminal styling.
Maybe it’s because of my poor color vision, but I am really having a hard time reading the text…!


It’s not meant to be that font, it’s a fix for another day lol


I see :wink: For me the problem is more the color, not the font…

Now I just realized that the F1-F5 key shortcuts don’t do anything for me.
F8 and F9 do their job. However, I find it a bit counter-intuitive that the F8 popup closes with Esc while the history (F9) apparently can only be closed by pressing F9 again?


There is still a fair bit that needs to be done, but if you realy want to get scared type sudo ps_mem :smiley:


Manjaro WebDad 18.0-alpha-4 available here :smiley:

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New simplified login screen coming OMG how nice is that :smiley:


This is really promising, the whole design is well thought out. Hats off to the Manjaro community.


I have not read all posts, so my question might be not necessary.
What kind of system requirements are considered to be enough for smooth usage for this edition? Usually Manjaro runs fine on low end machines like 2 GB of RAM.


1gb just to run the system, is something I will have t address in the future.