Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


I do have hardware acceleration enabled… so I dunno why it’s was eating my CPU, anyway, great thing that you found out why :3
I’ll give another try when I get home.


so much could be automatised, but sometimes it could be helpful or annoying.

this could be very useful for me and you, but how about that user that only want the update to finish so he can play a youtube video :thinking:


I will fix that on next release, thanks for find it :+1:


There needs to be a balance between reading and learning a bit to avoid that you cannot watch your videos anymore when the system breaks and not having any time to watch your favourite videos, because the Arch Wiki is so exciting. :wink:

Another proposal: A keyboard shortcut to switch between running applications. F1 and then the mouse is a click too much.


Try Super + Return :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I closed it but it was white background as the main desktop and just the top panel_


Does your VM has at least 2gb ram?

Does you VM hdd is blinking are you giving time to load?

Does the VM or Manjaro Freezes?


My VM has 4gb ram. Yes there is regular blinking while loading till Hello manjaro comes up. And no Manjaro does not freeze I will recreate my no JARE desktop loaded and will send a pic. :slight_smile:


I am trying to figure out what is causing it, on my end it loads fine on the VM, so I am not sure what is happening on your end.


Here you are some stops and the eventually non jade main desktop on VM:

1 stop after detecting all hardware and start loading Livemedia pacman ranking mirrors script ( stops about 1 minute and 10 secs)

2 stop when reaches Initializes Pacman Keyring ( stops more than 1 minute again)

3 stop after seeing Webdaddy welcome logo screen ( after display manager loads) comes cairo top panel and a gray whitish non loading jade main desktop enviroment on screen.

4 Then comes hello manjaro file and I minimize or close it and it happens there is non jade main desktop enviroment loaded as in the final picture


If you change for example to the internet space and wait until it loads and then change back to desktop space.
Does it load then?


no it does not load…just tried what you suggested some 45 minutes ago and it opens the web browser and also the file manager but jade main desktop E does not load on VM I also installed 3 other manajro iso to check VM and they work correctly on VM.


Could you do a hash check and see if output matches to this hash.

sha1sum ./manjaro-webdad-17.0.6-alpha1-testing-x86_64.iso


Yepp it does. It matches good :slight_smile:


Can you type in your VM
pkill jade-dashboard

Then do /opt/jade/jade-dashboard

And paste the shell output here


It seems hardware acceleration is broken on virtualbox for Linux, if that what you are using.


sorry bro, I could not check your command lines for when I open terminal the system freezes and I have to force to shut it down


Did you try to change to the terminal space and type there instead of the quick shell?


At last I could run those 2 clis ( it was my 7th booting I think) . I got this:

As you can see jade-dashboard does not load at the back


Tanks for trying at the moment I don’t have an answer how to fix your issue, maybe it could be virtualbox settings.