Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


WebDaddy says - Pre1 is out for testing. :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe you should give it another spin @Lolix


Alpha1 is out fully functional, some rough edges are expected.

ISO here

Packages are not made yet in Manjaro upstream, so don’t install in real hardware as you wont have updates.

Runs well on dual core 2gb machines and up.


I will give this Alpha iso a try in virtual machine and also in a usb drive… Great job! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I tested the iso on VM and after install I get this error:
"An error was detected in the current theme that could interfere with the system login process"
and after that I cant login

Obs.: Now I got in, the error appears and if I wait a little bit the login interface appears and I just clicked in “cancel” in the error pop up.

Obs2.: WebKitWebProcess is eating my CPU like crazy, maybe it isn’t optimized for VM, but I never virtualized a system that consumes that much of CPU before.


In my 2 experiences:
1.- Booting on VM took quite long: did not send errors, though Jade did not load I could just get the cairo panel on top. Never stopped for login access.

2.- Booting from a usb-drive was absolutely different. It booted in 1 min and 10 seconds and loaded Jade desktop fully. I could check settings, aplications, surfed in Chromium browser, checked notes, word app, terminal, shut it down… then I could also check settings… Most of JAde desktop was very responsive , moved lightly smooth all this part of my experience.
Temperature went high and the battery icon showed the battery went downt very quickly. Tested this usb drive experiencie in a Lenovo T-400 and then in Dell Inspiron 14 series 5000. Never stopped for a login access.

Btw, why did you consider Kodi app?


While booting in live-session, yeah, no login needed, but after installing the system, it will stop for login access


that needs to be fixed upstream there is a problem with lighdm webkit2 greeter issue 108

It is indeed eating CPU, is not doing that on real hardware

will work fine if you boot a second time has to do with issue above, I will probably change it to gtk login until that issue is solved.


it works fine on my VM machine, i wonder what is causing that.

I made the workspaces thinking in the most common use cases for a desktop user.


dont click anything wait a few seconds


did Manjaro-hello load? if so close it Jade should be behind it?


I pinpointed the issue, the arrow animation needs hardware acceleration, if your VM does not support it it will draw from the CPU, you will notice when you hover in applications the arrow disappears and the load goes down.

I suspect this is what is causing the battery to go down also.


The arrow animation might not be needed at all. Maybe only for introduction purposes. Else it might drive people nuts :stuck_out_tongue:


My test subjects at home said the same :rofl:


The Applications view is very nice, but switching between different “spaces” closes the browser.


It only closes the browser if you go to Gaming space or Media Center space.

If you are playing a Game or Watching a film fullscreen you don’t need the browser open eating ram,cpu or network resources.

Or you can always open them in applications instead of changing to the dedicated Space.

I call it smart workspaces.:rofl::smile::joy::sunglasses:


What makes me sad is that many users might like it…


I can make an option that asks the user if they want to close it before, maybe that will be a better option.

can i get some feedback, why don’t you like it?


It is a good feature, but maybe not enable it by default or allow to disable it in workspace settings.
Rationally I know that a DE already automates many tasks which would be difficult to do manually. But that little bit of autonomy is crucial to make me feel that I’m in charge of the machine that I close the windows or let them open when I want.

My other feedback is that I’m missing a settings manager. And a manual, a technical one. I would like to experiment and replace JWM with sth. else fo example.


Thats a fair point, I did not think about that.

I was thinking automatise as much as i can, because most end users not even click the update button.:thinking:


Oh, it would be great to automatise more. For example that the update notifier when there are updates would open the update announcement when the browser gets opened.

For example I like the automation that windows open maximized, I use that with mate-netbook or with my favourite bspwm. I like bspwm because it opens windows so that they don’t hide other windows.

I can guess that some users wouldn’t mind to get automatically the browser closed when they start a game. You need feedback from the target audience.