Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


I have not worked in this for a long time, we will see how 2019 will be.


Hope you’d be continuing with your Jade desktop. It is distro agnostic, and can work quite alone with only a WM, such as Kwin or Openbox. I have tried your Jade in many distros. And, it works!

I’d also like to say that, it would be nice to change your distro’s name from WebDad to Jade (your wife’s). Jade is an easy to remember, nice name.


Agreed! No offense, but webdad sounds like something that’ll spew quite amount of dad jokes.


Unfortunately it can not be called Jade officially as there is a few software out there with that name.

webdad(web developers and designers or web development and design) might not be a great name, but it does is propose and stays in your head even if is because is a bad one.

I will be continuing with Jade development, but i dont have a release date.