Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


Nice Desktop! Installed on Manjaro Gnome.

1)How can I delete the Notes from the main window? I’d like to have that space free. How to add a link to that Notes in the left hand widget (Help, Settings, System) or to the right hand widget? That way I’d call it when needed.

  1. In the right hand widget (Manjaro Webdad, Exit), how to add extra links to it?

  2. Of the apps on top of the right hand widget, Software Center and Terminal doesn’t open. May the links are not the same as for KDE edition. How to change those links? Also, how to add more links, to have more than 5 apps there?

  3. Would also like to get rid of the seconds in the clock widget on the right hand top corner. The continuously changing seconds makes me nervous. :slight_smile:

  4. Is there a way to replace gnome-shell with Jade-desktop? Right now both are shown.

Nice work!


You cant do any of that, you can hide widgets but you need to know css, to use as a desktop you need to install webdad edition, I am going to mention again it is still a concept. @chdsl


There should be a way. It should be configurable, if not people would stop using it. Standard with Linux, reconfigurability.

Anyway, can you point to the css files and which to change?


add /home/user/.config/jade/theme/style.css

.notes { display:none; }

You can find other classes and id here:


Thanks, I’ll try this out. :slight_smile:
Take care!


Trying out Manajaro Webdad Alpha-8 live session (just downloaded)

  1. Before live login, there’s a notice saying it cannot load the default theme, etc, but cancelling it would bring in the login screen. People might not want to try again, after clicking on the load “default theme button” and getting stuck.
  2. Cairo dock “Shortcuts” won’t open any app.
  3. Why Nautilus, instead of Dolphin?
  4. How to see all open apps? If one app is full screen, you don’t see the top panel. It should sort of come out when cursor touches the top screen area.

Shortcuts don’t open any apps.

There should be an icon/link to the panel/dock to bring out the Applications page (main page) or Application drop down, while the user is working with any other app open full screen. And, also a shortcut (hotcorner) to show all open apps, so the user can move from one to another and back.

Atm, Jade looks like a colourful application menu, that a user can’t get at while using a solitary full sccreen open app.


And, the Application Menu hidden even under a non full screen window.


Thanks for taking the time to send some feedback.

How to navigate within the interface.


Thank you for pointing that out. Clicking on that Show Desktop icon moves open apps to the four corners. But, clicking on any of those corners won’t bring them back. It would be nice, if they would.

Could you think of any other dock/panel other than Cairo dock as the default dock/panel? Cairo dock is not maintained and some applets don’t work, such as the Shortcuts, Weather. Home doesn’t open any folders, Recent events opens but doesn’t show anything.
What about Plank, Deepin Dock? Installed Plank, but search didn’t find it. Went to /usr/share/applications and clicked on Plank, and it showed up.

How about Dolphin or Nemo, instead of Nautilus? Nautilus has less and less options.

Would you create an option for changing the favourites, add or delete them? Make more of them, all the way to the end of right widget (user and exit). That is, let the user add them, and it’d reach all the way, expanding from left to right. Users like to have favourites either on a dock, or panel, launcher etc. That space under “Search applications,” where the 5 default favourites are a good place for this “unseen” dock. At least 20 of them could be there. It would be absolutely interesting to have it there!

Btw, please check the problem at boot, before the login process. Try the live iso downloaded from Sourceforge. I’d wait for Alpha 9 to install Webdad.

Also, make that the screenshot is saved to Pictures, instead of Desktop, as there is no desktop.

Merry Christmas!!!


Same as Plank, Deepin Screenshot couldn’t be found in search, but was there in /usr/share/applications. Created a dockitem.

Plank is at the bottom, instead of the Cairo Dock.


You absolutely right about the dock, at the moment the only suitable replacement is deepin dock or tint2, because is the only ones with a notification area, the other only option is building my own that i am avoiding.

As for nautilus I pick that one for the simplicity, as my aim is keep thing as simple as possible.

For example my mother that has 62, is hard to explain her things like a simple copy paste concept, and this is not related with age as there is some more younger people that has a hard time working with computers.

There will be some simple options coming like changing wallpaper and sound volume, after i get those things right, and a more usable user interface then i will start adding more functionality, but this will never be something for a power user, as there is already plenty of desktops in that area.

There is a list of issues of what I am actually planning, for now for the dashboard itself.


Hola, recién hoy descubri manjaro webdad, me parece un proyecto maravilloso que tendrá mucho éxito en las comunidades. En este momento lo estoy descargando para probarlo en una maquina virtual. Me gustaria colaborar en éste gran proyecto; aunque mis conocimientos no son muy buenos mi voluntad si lo es, solo dime en que puedo ayudarte. Saludos, felicitaciones y gracias.


He, he, I am 68…Started playing with Linux, when I was 59. I don’t know how to code, but like to read the code and think…how to change this and that…:slight_smile:

Btw, Tint2 is a good idea, for its a simple configurable panel.
Make Jade simple for those, who don’t or can’t configure things, but for those who can, give some good configurability. Because, I think your Jade desktop is a real thing for Linux!

Compliments to your young mother!


As you can see below, your Jade desktop can be installed/used in other distros.
On Ubuntu Budgie,

The budgie panel as dock on the left and plank on the bottom.


One problem is that it opens Firefox as the default web browser when it is not, but not Opera Beta, the real default web browser.

Jade desktop should be released for all distros, for it to get more visibility. I had tried Jade on Xubuntu too. Just copy and paste files to the relevant folders made Jade run.

In Xubuntu, Jade logout works, but in Ubuntu Budgie it didn’t. But, the Budgie logout worked from the budgie panel.

I know the above is nothing to do with Manjaro Webdad, but what’s interesting is the Jade desktop, not the distro that runs it. So, if you can/want, make it universal. :slight_smile:


Login out should probably be a permission issue, it should work as long as the distro uses systemd, type this in shell to try it out ( loginctl terminate-session $XDG_SESSION_ID ).

Being available in other distros is out of my control.


Hi, @handshake I don’t speak Spanish, communication might be an issue, anyway let me know in what area you would like to help with.


Logout works. Also, I got the default web browser, file manager, software center and default terminal to work by simply changing the jade-profile.
Everything appears to work. Testing further. Keep on developing your Jade! Best of luck! Happy new year to you and your family!


Happy new year :balloon:


Hope you’d be able to release a stable Jade distro in 2019 with a better panel, maybe Tint2. Maybe, you’d change the name WebDad to Jade, for it is a nice name and stays in mind.