Manjaro WebDad Community Edition


Okay so only jade and no other de.
see sometimes in plasma session I see jade dashboard sometimes not.its like after rebooting I see jade dashboard in plasma session but if i logout and login I don’t see it.what might be the cause.


I don’t know what configurations you have, so that’s hard to debug.

If you want to use as a desktop install webdad, that works, if you want to use KDE install jade-dashboard only and a gtk icon theme.


From the top of my head the login manager is not killing jade, jade does not autostart if it is already running to avoid duplicates, you can open usr/bin/jade-desktop replace the contents for this line /opt/jade/jade-dasboard


looks nice and intuitive to use, i tried running it in qemu/kvm/boxes but wont fully boot to graphical, just a “_” on top left. this happens with alot of vm’s ive tried so its most likely me and not the iso. i have a laptop i never use im thinking about tossing it on to test it out, this would be perfect for my mother that has zero interest in how things work and i would also have to fix anything that goes wrong and windows is just too frustrating and time consuming so thats not an option


Did you try virtualbox.

Don’t install an alpha in someone pc, Xfce, or KDE is a solid choice for Windows users, since the interface is similar.


Good I will try that.the only thing about jade dash board that bothers me is the size of icon and the description it would have been nice if those icons are big like gnome dashboard.its sometimes not as clear which application is which until I read the text.


I agree the UI could be better, is still a work in progress.


I could but I would not be introducing anything new in the dash, it would only be an update to Manjaro packages, not sure if it’s worth it.

The new back end is still far from ready.


Take your time. No problem. I only thought the current ISO might have issues with updating packages. But if that is OK, no need for a new ISO.


That was the old Iso, unless someone reports a problem.


no, its my old laptop and if it caught on fire i could care less, it would actually be justifiable considering how badly i treated it for so long so no real concern of loss, i know its alpha and im not expecting it to be perfect, more of curiosity and ive been meaning to revive it from the dead as a DE testing setup instead of toying around with my gaming laptop.

and as for using virtual box, i never liked how it worked, the lag on it for me was much worse than say qemu/kvm and the mouse would act really erratic , i think its something to do with my elan touch pad flooding dmesg that i cant for the life of me figure out.


installed no problem, looks nice. im gonna leave it on there to play with for a little while, i look forward to seeing what it becomes.



Thanks for sharing, did you do the review?


No, I just linked it her. I believe he should update the system first, restart and then do the review or first look. That is the main flaw of the video, rest is quite nice and interesting for us who haven’t experienced your DE yet.


I also find it interesting to watch, thanks.


It’s a very interesting channel, I’m a subscriber.

I think you should consider watching his review on it, and also, read the comments, so you can see what people think and what are their problems while using Manjaro Webdad to make Webdad better and better.


I did. interesting, best feedback comes when I sit down with real people and watch them use it.



really nice project you have, a diamond in the ruff, considering this is a one man show.

i have installed and tested it for a couple of days, and here is what i can say:

add a backup of settings function, and easily restore those settings (alt+F9+Q)

add integrated cloud storage… dropbox, g drive, etc

a single global wallpaper (boot,login,desk), because the current setting is confusing, or the option to have no wallpaper at all.

different colors for the notes app…and save them (daily notes)
for me the notes app did not work at all.

have the option to replace the notes app as primary app, with another app, like folders, file drive, music, a live webcam feed or youtube, or whatever the user works on daily, calendar with reminders.

the center search function could be used to also search the internet (like an embedded google search)

the top left red triangle with settings just dissapeared on me.

add a weather app

port JADE to BSD and windows(m$)

the overall experience was awesome, tring out a new DE was fun, a bit on the slow side for me as i am accustomed with the fast KDE, another wallpaper for every setting/application/menu is a bit confusing.

i have tried JADE on manjaro, and also JADE on Sparky Linux, which did not work at all.
2GB ram, SSD, 2.16Ghz dual core.


Thank you for the feedback.