Manjaro Web Site Mock Up



While recovering from an illness I Had a go at making a Website Concept for Manjaro. Made locally using LAMP, Wordpress etc. Here are some Screenshots from the nearly finished concept.



nice :+1: next version is hugo, you can view Help us to redesign our homepage


Should I post it in that thread papa?


Why this background picture? Is Manjaro only for females? Or will you say with that picture that “Females are sitting in the first row”?


Very nice, indeed, but I also don’t like the stylish woman who is supposed to represent a Manjaro user. I would like a less pretentious looking person, someone who makes the observer think: Hey if she/he can use Manjaro, why no me, too?! :smirk:


+1 for more beardy weirdies


Why not like this

(Warning: Inappropriate answers to this post will be deleted!)


Real people, not plastic, I approve.


this is really good.


A-ha! @ant See?!? He meant me!!!


The girl in red is cute, but wow those glasses!!!


LOL at all the objections to the normal looking woman in the site mock up… why the hell would anyone prefer a weird looking, pasty, bearded fatso? I’m 6’5 with 6% body fat, should I be considering another distro :wink: ?

FWIW I like the mock up as it is, she might look a tad like an amateur Next Top Model contestant, but she looks friendly and approachable… just like Manjaro!


I will ask my Gran if she wants to be the face of Manjaro :hushed:


Your Gran has a beard :scream: ?


One thing is made very clear in this discussion:
The girl/woman in the picture does exactly that what she is supposed to do: she draws attention.
You guys, and now me as well, are only talking about her, not about the rest of the picture, about Manjaro’s website.
Let her be the next Manjaro face. She is beautiful, she is real (no matter what others here say about her) and, as said, she draws attention.


@ant beautiful photos/art, love the one of Carrog station, live in Yorkshire now, but am a Gog.


Thanks xircon,

I took that photo when I went to visit my Brother in Llangollen, You live ‘just up road’ from me, I’m Lancashire Lad.

Nice to meet you Sir. :slight_smile:


Sheffield, been here for a long time, stayed after Uni, family live in and around Chester / North Wales


I am like others think the girl is okay with the rest of his mockup. It does make manjoro friendly which is really is compared to Arch.


At least somebody gets it. Why are people getting so hung up on the image? Its wordpress the image can be changed in seconds :confused:

If you have a better image that fits the bill, give me a link and I will try it :wink: