Manjaro wallpapers I just made


This is really nice. Thanks a lot @Cranberry!


Thank you so much. This is great!


they look really cool and nice to me. congrats. keep on going. must be a lot of hard work and insomnia.


Good Job :slight_smile:


“404 We can’t find what you’re looking for.”

But I found your image. Thanks.


Maybe that’s because the drop box link is over 2 years old. You might want to check the dates on the posts first. :wink:


Since it is already necro’d …

I cant exactly describe the frustration I have with trying to use or even ‘brand’ wallpapers on manjaro with angular, ‘peaked’ mountains. It just feels so wrong.


Very nice, really like simple designs.


You have done a great job


Haha, so this got necro’d XD

I’m glad people liked it ^-^ I still come on here now and then to read stuff, and still love Manjaro<3 I’d like to draw more, like redrawing this or something new, but I just haven’t had the time, life 'be crazy.


Hey, that is awesome. do you have your dotfiles in some place? and what are you using?, that is really gogeus.