Manjaro wallpapers I just made


Wow i didn’t even know you made this :grinning:
i have been using it for a while :laughing:


Wow Nice looking desktop O_O
can you tell me what are you using ( DE , gtk theme ,icon theme ,windows manager ,etc.)
THANKS ! :smiley:


@deud thank you! :slight_smile:

I have the following:

This wallpaper by Cranberry, a bit modified by me here.

WM: Xfwm4
WM THEME: Vertex-Maia-Dark
GTK THEME: Vertex-Maia-Dark
ICON THEME: Vertex-Maia
CONKY: Gotham

At the bottom xfce panel I have added three panel applets:


не за что


would you mind posting a screenshot?


My pleasure! :slight_smile:


Looking great, keep it up! :smile:


A new lxqt theme I’m working on. BTW this wallpaper is awesome!!!


Here is one of mine:


Good to see you share your photo.
May other people share their photo too, then we could have a rich source of photos for background better than Windows and MacOS.


Thankyou for sharing this. I have been using version one for a couple of weeks and it is number one. :grin:


Very Nice.


I like it but doesn’t suit my theme


Hi, I like this. I wanted a day and sunset version of this. I made that. Here you go

and here’s my “source code”.

I’m no expert, and I’m using this for a project. So it could use some polish but I wont bother. Have a nice day


in hindsight, the day version warranted a darker forest


Very nice wallpapers. One of the best out here:sunglasses:


I already use one of this


Nice one. You can try to make its brighter version too. That would me great.


I would love to, and kind of plan to, but I dorked out and a lot of the mountain is one solid layer, which makes changing it difficult without redrawing it. :sweat: But I have been meaning to redraw it, and possibly make other backgrounds too. :slight_smile:


really nice!, I like it