Manjaro wallpapers I just made


I know there was an xfce wallpaper contest thing in the old forum, that is probably over now. :sweat_smile:
But I made a thing recently, and wanted to share it! :grin:

Edit: Adding versions with a transparent background (and slight edit to mist) so there’s more freedom of use. :slight_smile: Feel free to use however you please

I know in xfce you can just use the transparent one and change the background color in Desktop settings

Mesmerizing May (2016) Screenshots
Manjaro-i3 17.1.11/17.1.12


vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


I like them, I only use dark themes so these will go nicely with them. Thanks :smiley:


They are lovely! Thank you @Cranberry! I’ll include them with the others.
The contest is sort of still existent in the old forum, but to be honest I don’t know how we could migrate the voting and such … But nonetheless there is a package manjaro-backgrounds in the repo already with all those wallpapers and I’ll add those two aswell :relaxed:


Nice ! makes me wanna slide down and go WHEEEEEEE!!!



Very nice work, I really like them! I’ve been rotating my wallpaper with each update pack, now I know what I’ll use next :wink:


Another one for my favorite. Like @Kev.M I use dark themes and this looks great.


nice @Cranberry also like the darker bgs. Good to see the artwork category back :ballot_box_with_check:


@Cranberry those are awesome. Thank you for sharing.


These are really cool! Nicely done @Cranberry
Thank you for sharing!


Thank you all for liking! ^.^


I am using the second one as a wallpaper on boot. It’s very nice.


The Second one, with conky in the side would look good…


Or the first one :blush:



I was thinking on conky-gotham theme in the center of the screen… but it looks cool enough…



@oberon @Kev.M @sothis6881 @johnvan54 @optics @mellop7 @r4_broadcast
-awkwardly quotes other people who seemed most interested haha-
I added versions with transparent backgrounds in case any of you wanted to play around with it more. I’m so flattered to see screenshots with it on here wow that’s cool! I know I wound up deciding a more blue hued background is easier on the eyes myself but I guess I can’t take back my original green one now :stuck_out_tongue:


The first one is very nice! Thank you!


Very cool! I’ll have to play around with play around a bit with these when I get a little more time. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

The new versions look even nicer on my laptop screen, btw :wink:


pretty cool ! :smiling_imp:


I love it…thank you! :slight_smile: