Manjaro wallpapers by Samsstuff



I created a quick wallpaper for my system I just installed Manjaro and want to make a whole new theme for it, but wanted to keep the wallpaper simple as this is my workstation and thought I would share it with those who might want it for their systems also.


You can grab it at my deviantart

I also added to my github if you just want to grab one image and I also added the gimp file to the github in case anyone wants to play around with it and make changes
My guthub for it



Looks awesome.

What would it look like if the fire was greenish? Like a dark manjaro green. Would be easier to fit in with default themes then. :slight_smile:


Green fire, i like the way you think Srit:)

Nice wallpaper samriggs.


And a blueish for blue themes like Arc and Breeze.


look great!

i would appreciate a version with a smaller logo: probably half or quarter the size.
if you do not do it, i can create such a version by shrinking your wallpaper and placing it on a black background.


Hey folks thanks

I’ll do one in green and another in blue and make them all a quarter of the size also and put them all into a zip on the same link as soon as I get them done.
I’ll also add a smaller version if you want to replace the menu image to match.
I just got tired of green being with mint for years I thought I would try another color scheme for once, I was watching tron (nothing else on) and decided to try the blue/grey orange/yellow for something different and keep away from ubuntu orange at the same time.

I’ll post here once I get it all uploaded.

EDIT: alrighty I made a green one, a blue one and all 3 now have a smaller (extra) one with smaller logos and I added all three logos separatly also if anyone wants to use one to replace the menu image to match the wallaper, I also added the the gimp file if anyone wants to fool around with them and make their changes (only in the github link as deviant would not let me add it in a zip file)
I had to redo the link above because I had to delete the old one in order for deviantart to take it (their getting stricker these days), so now there is 2 links one just for all the jpgs in one zip file at deviantart and one that has everything (including the gimp file) at github.
I think I’ll just start using github from now on for anything other then an image file.

Ps: I’ll see what I can do about more when I find some time


I really like the green fore one.

Is it okay, if I grab that, to put it on my ISO as default wallpaper?


Hi Strit
It’s the least I can do for this OS, it’s great, plus anything I do for linux is totally open source with no license, do what you want with it, I also added the gimp file in case you want to tweak it or make any changes in the github link.

Hopefully I can grab some more time to come up with some more stuff, I’ll post when I get some more done.


Marchvellous March (2017) Screenshots

I decided to try a copper one, the green is old cooper for the logo, I was going to do a steampunk version but it looked better clean and with less detail.
I decided to add any wallpapers in this thread as to not clutter the forum
I uploaded it to my deviantart gallery

you can grab it here:

I also added all files on github (wallpaper, gimp files, menu icon)
You caan get it here:



thanks for such beautiful wallpapers :slight_smile:
i want to make a request hope it doess not bother you . could you make a wallpaper with green manjaro logo at the bottom right with black matte background and the logo reflection on the background. Just like the default wallpaper in linux mint.


Hi Jerry
thanks for the kind words, unfortunatley I don’t have much free time on my hands to create personal request but it’s not hard to make the one you want, just create a background in gimp, grab the logo, resize it and place it where you want then duplicate the logo layer and flip it (under layer in the menu then tranform) flip it vertical and line it up to the bottom of the main logo and alpha it out to what looks good to you and your done, export it as a png or jpg and your good to go.
if you want the reflection to fade out, create a separate layer use the rectangle tool to cover the reflection upside down logo do a grad with only one color dark from botom up, select layer selection to select the grad, move down to the relection layer so it gets selected and press delete, it will fade out the relection according to the grad (you might have to try a couple of times to get the right fade out so make an extra couple of the relection logo just in case the first time doesn’t work out or press ctl + z to undo and try try again

It really is that easy :slight_smile:



alrighty I put together a quick steampunk one here it be

again the image file on devianart:

all the files including a menu icon on github (I had to zip up the gimp file it was to big

If I find some time maybe I’ll do up a anaimated mdm login screen for those who use mdm, I’ll see how my time goes.



ok thanks for the detailed solution


Hey jerry I had a few moments to throw a few samples together for for you, hopefully they are what you mean, I usually don’t do this but I had a few moments free and it only took me a few minutes so no biggy.

if you need the gimp file let me know I saved it in case, the reflection doesn’t seem like it’s that dark but once against a dark background you’ll see it’s prety light, I added one set straight with an extra faded relection and one set on an angle, just drop it onto a background of your choosing in gimp resize it to your liking and export as a png or jpg and your good to go remember to save the gimp file in case you need to make changes.



wow this is what i wanted. Thanks! for taking out your time to do this. I am grateful for having such a friendly fellow “Manjaro-ians” and manjaro providing such a good forum…:slight_smile:

Yes please post the gimp files too.


I also did something similar here


Nice sample muser
jerry I dropped the files and gimp file in my github if you still need them
you can get them here:


I was home today so I got bored cause I home sick so I did up a green wallpaper, I like the browns myself but thought I would do one up for anyone that wanted it and keep in the green for this one.

you can grab it at my deviantart here:

As usual all files are on my github now for this one you can get them here:

I also change the title of this post to match what it really became for easier understanding and not just one wallpaper



Why against a dark background, Sam? I like these bright pictures much more. I noticed I am different than pretty much all others here since I like the light themes and hate the dark. Not that I can’t read on dark themes, I just don’t like them. So, if you don’t mind I will use your logo with the reflection on a bright background.
Thanks very much for your pictures.


Hey DeMus how you doing?
Yup I know you love those light bright themes :slight_smile:
Use it for whatever you want, that’s why I put all the files up so folks can change them to suit there needs and wants.
I will be making some lighter wallpapers
I’m a fan of dark themes because it forces what I am concentrating on more when I do my artwork, it’s the only bright thing on the screen, it just works better for me.
I’m just still playing with Manjaro and testing everyhting I can, while I’m fooling around I’m making these wallpapers for something to do while I wait for my framework I use for games to get updated to webgl, taking longer then I thought, hopefuly they will finish it soon.
But this just mens I get to make more wallpapers, so I will add some light ones to the list.
I might make a manjaro mdm animated one if I get time, I still have to finish my icons theme and xfwm4 theme for this toy to match everything, I probably will do a metacity one also just for those who use it.
Kind of fun just playing with ideas again.

Looks like I’ll be staying with manjaro now, it just works to good.
I was going to give a month but unless there is some extreme breakage I see no need to go anywhere else now, I told my wife she’ll be getting it also now, and I’ll probably change my mom over to it also now, I got her on mint xfce but she should be able to to handle the updates after I set it up for her.

Got to thank you again for mentioning manjaro to peak my intertes enough to give it a whirl.