Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)



…and finally


For the upcoming release of Manjaro 17.1 Hakoila

fyi @philm


If I counted correctly (and counting all the versions of the same themes) this is my 100th wallpaper in this thread, which combined with vol. 1 makes it my 200th, so I thought I make a bi-centennial commemorative edition.





Any chance in your creative juices you can come up with something like this that also includes the GNOME logo (foot) along with it together? I love the color scheme and the Manjaro logo but it’d be cool to see GNOME with it somehow. -at least that is my request.

Your work is awesome by the way - I use several of these.


Sure, thanks for the request! Is this something you had in mind?
(maybe not exactly but I didn’t want to combine the two logos because I think single logos work better with this particular theme)

Edit: blackglass version


That’s awesome! Thank you. I’ll use it once the resolution is up. Thanks again.


1920x1080 not good enough? (RightClick>ViewImage)


Thanks - yes it’s great. I just noticed it didn’t open for me (Left-Click) like all the previous.
Thanks for the tip.


It’s looking good. I like this one and the GNOME one you just created for me the best.


Yes, I noticed that as of yesterday the newly uploaded pictures are not viewable in their original size if you click on them (and the title, resolution, format, size and origin link are also not shown). You can still view them with right-click > view image, and if you right-click > save image as, it downloads in the original size, as before.

Must be due to some change in the forum software, @jonathon do you know anything about this?

Edit: seems to be working again now.


Sounds like a change (or regression) in Discourse. Let’s see what happens with the next set of updates… :slight_smile:


Slightly modified (adaptized) the original to go better with the Adapta theme:


Edit: now also available with mouse:



My favorite so far. Good stuff.



Some more Adaptations (from the keepin-it-simple drawer)


and for hardcore maia fans, manjaro-adapta-maia:


For all desktop environments


Any way we can get the Gnome one without the logo for the lock screen. Love this design.