Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)



JWM needs attention too :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m on it. Does it have a logo I can use? Do you have any color preferences for the backround (grey or blue) and the top left corner?


can follow this L I N K =>



I just looked trough Volume 1 of your work. And just a minute before i thought i wish i had a round Manjaro logo to use or in a wallpaper. and then i saw that:
Great Artwork

May i ask you to make that inner white lining of the logo rounded too like so:

for my joy in the original manjaro green :slight_smile:

Keep up that great work your doing! Just made the Orange Label Wallpaper my background :wink:
love it!



Hi! Thanks! So if I understood you correctly, you meant something like this?


Edit: Just in case, I made two extra versions with transparent lines (the take the color of whatever backround they are on). One in maia-green and one in the other manjaro green.




Interesting redesign. Almost reminds me of bit/u.
I’m gonna also post here a few circular logos made some while back:


You would not happen to have this without a logo for the lock screen?


Thanks so much for this!
as i hoped :slight_smile:


Lovely! Great job :smiley:



Nice! But I have a dedicated thread for these kind of icons, can you please rather post them there, just to keep things organized.


Finishing off this recent theme with a slightly modified and simplified version to go with all desktops.


Thanks so much.


@muser you are awesome. Wondering, text in Maia color, and that dark grey shading to Maia shading? It is a wonderful thing to have someone who knows what they are doing when making these awesome wallpapers…Love all your work…


Here ya go @muser something to mess with if you want. Edit Arch Logo color to Maia and add bold text Manjaro In Maia color or black, or what ever you want. Play with it , see what you can come up with. thanks again.

Like I need more wallpaper…LOL


@ChipN3CDX Is this something you had in mind?

PS: I made some new custom KDE appmenu icons :wink:

(Your second request is in progress. Thanks for these, btw, for keeping me inspired :slight_smile: )


There should be a package in Manjaro just for Muser’s wallpapers.

Artworks by Muser in our repo

Ok, so this is what I came up with. Let me know if you would like any further tweaking.
And as always, any wallpaper ideas are welcome.

Obfuscated October (2017) Screenshots