Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)




Just thought I would jump in at this momment in time to say that I have spent the last couple of hours slowly trawling thru both V1 and V2 of your thread(s) muser. I was supposed to be reading the new user, how-to guides, but got a little distracted. Have to say, you have done a terrific job, all these designs look great. Think we can all agree that creating a 100 wallpapers such as you have done here, is very different from doing it once or twice. It takes time and effort, and at the bare minimum, a spark of creative design genius. Thankyou for all your hard work.
Cheers, newest member lighthousebeacon.

ps Just in follow up to Sonyfreak post earlier, and out of my own self interest. Having one done in ‘4-5K Ultra/HD’ would be nice. It would allow me to maitain ‘consistency’ across the screenage I have to cover in my ‘workshop come lab’. I could always get a ubuntu one (apple, win, alienware etc) to match…but it wouldnt be the same.


Very nice work.




non-textured version


I like your new usesr-logo, muser! :slight_smile:



I made a logo for Manjaro-Architect some time ago, now I made it into a wallpaper




This one is AWESOME !!!





Inspired by the ads of a certain beverage painted on the walls of latin-american countries.



som mo puzzlz


I really love the upper one of the two. - Great work! :slight_smile:


Welcoming autumn

Edit: I made my own branded version (keeping it simple and subtle)


Great ! I love your wallpapers.

I added the Manjaro text logo, black and white, for those who might want it.

But it’s also superb on its own. :slight_smile: