Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)


Welcoming Spring

(Those on the Southern Hemisphere scroll up to September for my autumn wallpaper :wink::slightly_smiling_face:)

Edit: An alternative version (in case you’ve been missing the logo :slightly_smiling_face:)



:slightly_smiling_face: @muser, The wallpaper with the butterflies is beautiful!

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This one has been set as both my Windows and Manjaro wallpapers.

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Yeahh @muser, we are expecting to get our autumn one very soon, hahahaha just kidding mate . Awesome job ! Thanks.

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This is a “garage sale” of previously unreleased wallpapers that didn’t make the cut to get their own post, for one reason or another (early versions, alternative versions, b-sides).

But I thought I’d share them here and now, so that they don’t go to waste.
Maybe there is something here you will like.
If there isn’t, then please forgive my spamming.

Enter the garage

(in alphabetical order)

I made this for the Awesome edition, but I thought I’d share it here as well, because I think that since it’s not strictly awesome-specific, it can be used with any other edition, too.

I wanted to make something with flowers, but when I was finished, I found this a little overwhelming, so I stripped it down to what became the blue-petals-skull wallpaper.

This is an early version of the illuminated-logo-red-carbon wallpaper. I wanted to make something with a carbon background, but I didn’t find the metallic logo special enough so I went with the red illuminated logo for the final version.

An alternative, stripped down version of the catjaro wallpaper, with no jar, no text, no logo, and the cat has adapta-blue eyes instead of maia.

I couldn’t decide whether or not to share this when I made it, then I forgot about it.

Alternative versions of the drawn-logo wallpaper.

I used this slogan in my vol. 1, but with a very light theme, now I wanted to use it with a dark theme, but I just didn’t find it special enough to deserve it’s own post.

An early version of the candy wallpaper, but then I decided to lose the sticks and have candy drops instead of lollypops.

An early version of the manjaro-adapta-button wallpaper. Later I decided to lose the ‘manjaro’ text and have a more streamlined final product with just the button.

An early version of the manjaro-adapta-dark wallpaper. Later I decided to lose the logo and use just some noise texture for each layer.

Alternative versions of manjaro-adapta-dark.

The maia version of the manjaro-brand.

The maia version of the button-wallpaper I made for Enlightenment.

The purple version of red-black (that was later followed by maia-black).

An early version of the spring wallpaper.


This is what adapta-circles was originally meant to be. Inspired by the pop-theme, I wanted to make something brownish, but when I was finished, I realised that this colour theme might be too niche, so I re-did the whole thing with adapta-colours.



As i can see, the “early versions, alternative versions, b-sides” are not only the best versions in music. For Walls too! Nice work and thanX for share.





:slightly_smiling_face: @muser, a combination of beauty and simplicity!





Reminds me of The Transformers-logo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Weird that I make that comparisation, lol. But it’s a beautiful logo.

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Jpg barckground images? really?



This one looks a bit like the display of a slot machine. Maybe you can make one where instead of the winning 7’s the name Manjaro pops up. Red 7’s and Manjaro is about the same, right?



The idea was to make it look like those old style bedside alarm clocks or airport/train station information boards, but this is also a good idea, thanks.

If you mean the same proportions, probably yes, but if I do this, I will do the whole thing from scratch, anyway, so it doesn’t matter (I don’t like using 3rd party materials)

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No, don’t copy things, do it your way. It’s always the best.



Well, I do copy stuff, but I call it inspiration :wink::slightly_smiling_face:, what I don’t do is use others’ stuff.



These are awesome @muser :grin:

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Inspired by @pux’ March screenshot conky.


Conky thread, show your work!

Now this is dope

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The secret co… I mean… errm… there’s nothing to see here, move along…