Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)




kinda sexy…


Great work! You are a true artist .:slight_smile:


Damn! This is awesome. Wow.


Don’t know if he is using manjaro, but Keith Richards will like it. Very nice!


@Thanos_Apostolou gave the idea in this thread to make this wallpaper, so I ran the idea through Gimpscape and this is what came out

(you may notice the quote not being exactly the same as in the podcast, this one is the condensed and finalized version made by Bernhard afterwards)

Philip & Bernhard on Destination Linux Podcast




Has it ever happened to you that you switched to the unstable branch for some reason, then you forgot about it and later you thought you are still in stable?

Now here’s a reminder


I like the glitchiness applied (even though unstable really isnt all that bad)
But now you have to make corresponding walls for the other 2


Yeah, the glitchiness is partly because of that but partly also to imitate old/oldschool hardware. And the color of the letters is also not a coincidence, but you probably figured it out.

In the meantime, I switched the knob to testing…



…and finally


For the upcoming release of Manjaro 17.1 Hakoila

fyi @philm


If I counted correctly (and counting all the versions of the same themes) this is my 100th wallpaper in this thread, which combined with vol. 1 makes it my 200th, so I thought I make a bi-centennial commemorative edition.





Any chance in your creative juices you can come up with something like this that also includes the GNOME logo (foot) along with it together? I love the color scheme and the Manjaro logo but it’d be cool to see GNOME with it somehow. -at least that is my request.

Your work is awesome by the way - I use several of these.