Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)



I make wallpapers as a hobby and share them here as my humble contribution to Manjaro.

Requests are welcome.

You can find the previous volume here.

You can use all of my artwork shared on this forum freely (license CC0 - public domain).

If you insist on giving something in return, consider donating to Manjaro.

Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)




I like the Manjaro jean pocket :smiley:




Added some previous wallpapers in budgie,gnome and mate profiles… like your work… you can see all in my github repo :wink: feel free to create pr :slight_smile:… request valid for any user want contribute in artworks :smiley:


Thanks, I’m honoured.


Can I suggest you to create a GitHub (or GitLab or similar) repository with proper license information, SVG file and link/copy here only previews? This way you can “enforce” attribution and is more accessible to everyone outside the forum. :wink:
(It is an unsolicited advice, I know. :innocent: )


Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:
However, I won’t force or enforce any kind of licence for these wallpapers, it wouldn’t be in line with the free spirit of Manjaro and Linux.
You may or may not give me credit, I leave it up to everyone’s conscience.



I appreciate your efforts, and your viewpoint. Nice work!:relaxed:

Best regards.


In strict term without a license nothing can be free:
You could pick a permissive license like CC0 or an ironical one like WTFPL. :grin:


Alright, I amended my first post accordingly.




Those two are totally cool with slick-greeter - I think I will use one of them for the new Cinnamon

Uuuuhm, what was the password??? :smile:


Thanks a lot.
Your output and creativity are just amazing! Also I just looked at all the others again in the first thread and I think it’s interesting how you have been developing your skills quite obviously over the period of time now … :slight_smile: keep it up!