Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



One more for the scientifically inclined


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For the even more scientifically inclined you could do a wallpaper containing
Where H_manjaro means H subscript manjaro.

In quantum mechanics this means that Simplicity is a constant in the evolution of Manjaro. :grin:



Or those that scan



Wait, for me “H subscript manjaro” means (I used Google Translate from Italian so I can be wrong) an “H” with “manjaro” written in the low-right corner with a smaller font. :joy:
Graphically I suggest some spaces like
[ H_manjaro , Simplicity ] = 0
Without spaces it’s a little too ‘compact’.

If I can also choose a style, I like very much the minimal grey style of these wallpaper. :heart_eyes:


Seem i have lost this tread :confused: , wonderfull wallpapers i like it :grinning:


superscript vs subscript:


You’re welcome. Since I am also not a native-speaker of English, I was interested myself what the right vocabulary was. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m going to use it! :grinning:
Can I also have the SVG file, if you have one? So in the future I can change colour or modify it “in the right way”.


Thanks a lot!


When I started this thread I was just getting familiar with Gimp and I thought I’d make some wallpapers and share them here. I wasn’t doing it for the likes or to get to a certain number, though, I was making them because it made me happy. I didn’t expect this to grow this big, but three months and 100 wallpapers later I have to say it’s been a great run.

Thanks to all of you for your likes and support, they meant a lot.
(And thanks to the forum admins, too, for letting me post all of this here).

So here it is, number 100:

And with this it’s also time to finish this thread, it’s been running for long enough.
See you in volume 2.


Say it ain’t so, Joe!

P.S. What happens when I click the “manjaro” button above?


looks like a button on blue leather car seat
like recaro only faster :slight_smile:


Can u tell me where i find the molecular system info extension?


wow bro this is awesome art, thanks i just download and use it in my laptop anyway :slight_smile:


Sorry–it took me a bit to understand your question. It is a conky. The LSD conky, and it was altered into a MANJARO conky. I would just do a Google search on them.



Sorry, i don’t speak english, xD

Thank you for your answer


Muser, you have done really well considering you wrote you’d only been doing graphics stuff for a month or so.
It would be a shame for such a creative thread to drop down the list because it got closed/timed out, whatever it is.

It looks like you wanted to get good at using GIMP, focussed and stuck with it. Hats off to you for carrying on and developing your skills.


there’s a second thread! :smiley: