Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



Love it! What a great wallpaper for the scientist-in-you crowd! :smiley:


A “man” from “ro” (Romania) says “ja”=yes to it !!!


Been enjoying these designs for most of the life of the thread. Really excellent work! :tada:

My grub even looks less grubby with one of these as background. :slight_smile:


After all the greyness, here’s something lighter and more colourful, inspired by the design of ice-cream parlours.

(sugar is bad for you, though :wink:)


Is there a trace template of the logo anywhere
Here is a funny one for those into classic cinema

The logo had one extra cut in the past and seems to have been abandoned?


you can find the current logo in /usr/share/icons/manjaro


One more for the scientifically inclined


The manjaro way or manjaropath


For the even more scientifically inclined you could do a wallpaper containing
Where H_manjaro means H subscript manjaro.

In quantum mechanics this means that Simplicity is a constant in the evolution of Manjaro. :grin:


Where is this? I’ve seen a bridge like that in Vancouver, Canada in a holiday. I managed to make that bridge shake where a older Chinese woman turned around and started yelling at me. Happily I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea what she said.


I have no idea, I was speculating it is either somewhere in the Pacific NW (Olympia …) or Japan. It seems as a very moist but non-tropical place. For people living in dry environments this seems like heaven. For Olympians a vacation to N,Mexico is highly valued. Olympia peninsula gets as much rain as a really wet rainforest, much much more than Vanc.BC or Seattle. I bet you know but people from far away may have never heard of the place.



Or those that scan



Wait, for me “H subscript manjaro” means (I used Google Translate from Italian so I can be wrong) an “H” with “manjaro” written in the low-right corner with a smaller font. :joy:
Graphically I suggest some spaces like
[ H_manjaro , Simplicity ] = 0
Without spaces it’s a little too ‘compact’.

If I can also choose a style, I like very much the minimal grey style of these wallpaper. :heart_eyes:


Ok, I get it. Duh. I took it a little too literally. I have replaced it.


Seem i have lost this tread :confused: , wonderfull wallpapers i like it :grinning:


superscript vs subscript:


You’re welcome. Since I am also not a native-speaker of English, I was interested myself what the right vocabulary was. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m going to use it! :grinning:
Can I also have the SVG file, if you have one? So in the future I can change colour or modify it “in the right way”.


Thanks a lot!