Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



Ah, ok, sorry, missed that. Color preference for the i3 text?


greys are perfect! Maybe a darker shade - something like #454948 ? you decide! :slight_smile:


edit: minimal text alignment adjustment


Thank you so much! :blush:
I’ll add it to the next artwork-i3 update :slight_smile:



Very very nice! :smiley:



Got any Cinnamon-themed?

PS: You rock :wink:


Thanks! No, I don’t have any Cinnamon-themed, yet. You can find some in this thread:

Let me know if you’d like something different.



That reminds me of the old LSD conky. There was a Manjaro conky based on this that spells out MANJARO, but I can’t find the screenie. Anyway, that and the background wallpaper was killer, I thought…



That molecular structure is a good idea, thanks, I will make something like that.


Manjaro Lxde 17.02 not enough drive space?

Love it! What a great wallpaper for the scientist-in-you crowd! :smiley:


A “man” from “ro” (Romania) says “ja”=yes to it !!!


Been enjoying these designs for most of the life of the thread. Really excellent work! :tada:

My grub even looks less grubby with one of these as background. :slight_smile:


After all the greyness, here’s something lighter and more colourful, inspired by the design of ice-cream parlours.

(sugar is bad for you, though :wink:)


Is there a trace template of the logo anywhere

The logo had one extra cut in the past and seems to have been abandoned?


you can find the current logo in /usr/share/icons/manjaro