Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



Grey for Plasma


I can do this for other desktop versions if there is a demand for it.


Issues with new bspwm iso

Lovely stuff in here !!! :tophat:


I would like to include manjaro-lxde2 to lxde-wallpapers too. I will rename it to manjaro-lxde-love.png in order to keep the name unique if that’s ok with you.




something from the minimal side

and to go with the dark blue of the arc theme


staying on the abstract-minimal side


Thanks for the beautiful wallpapers :smiley:



Hi muser,

I really like your work.
Can I wish a wallpaper for me form you?

I’d like to have the Linux Mint default wallpaper ([URL=]picture[/URL]) with this Manjaro Logo ([URL=]logo[/URL]) instead of the Linux Mint Logo if possible.



I’m not doing 3D wallpapers anymore/right now, I could do something similar to this, just let me know what colour would you like the logo and the backround.


I see. Okay.

Well, I know this wallpaper of yours. But it’s a bit too dark for me.

My wish:
Background colour:
Black and to the centre gradually becoming more like grey (similar to the LM wallpaper) -
The Manjaro logo, same size and position as the LM Logo in the original wallpaper, but maybe in colour like this one here: [URL=][image][/URL]? - Oh, and if it’s not too much work - could you also make a shadow of the Manjaro Logo, in grey?


Very nice! I always like the simple the most :slight_smile:
Could you make one of these for i3?


Something like this…?
(sorry, the link wasn’t working for me so I went with the default maia colour)

edit: reflection alignment and some minor modifications


Thanks! Yeah, sometimes less is more. And, ironically, harder, too :slight_smile:

For i3 do you mean something similar to a specific wallpaper above, or anything minimalistic?


Wow you’re a real genius! - And so quickly!
I’m impressed, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

The link with the logo you can’t open is the standard icon of Manjaro (to be found here:/usr/share/icons/manjaro-shiny.png), it’s called Manjaro-shiny. I like the shininess on it.


I don’t have that icon, I think it only comes with Cinnamon. But I added some more shading to it.


Yes, I really like it. - The shading looks really good now.
Thanks again.


The one I was replying to: Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)