Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)




Rusty 3


Great work… really like it!


Some of your wpapers are really nice. Good job!!


This looks similar to Dark Side of the Moon album cover

If you can adjust the design closer to the Pink Floyd original, I know couple of friends who may be persuaded to check out Manjaro

One of the other designs will likely replace my current wallpaper, but will be a while to decide which one as plenty of excellent ones to pick from


If you want i can make it for you but you have to give me a reference image because i have searched in google that album cover and there are lots of versions wich i don’t really know if the image is from the original cover or if you want something different.


I made two versions. Is something like this you had in mind?


I didn’t want to encourage anything that might get cause a copyright problem
…but having seen so many variations on an image search, another tribute should be no problem
Front cover
Rear cover

The front cover shows white light changed to coloured stripes by a prism, and back to white on rear cover.

The triangle section on the stripes on @muser design was the bit that reminded me of the original inner design with the green stripe looking like an ECG heartbeat trace. like the concept that Manjaro combines the colours to white


Aha, a Pink Floyd fan, aren’t you?


Actually I did those on nikgnomic’s request. :slight_smile:
They are based on the album cover you posted but I didn’t want them to look too similar, either.


I know, it’s just to show others who might not know the Pink Floyd album.


And for a bright, modern twist:


wow - now i am spoilt for choice - thanks to all


Perfect!!! Just what I was looking for for my login screen! :relaxed:


Made this to go with the Vertex-Maia theme

with matching whiskermenu icon

Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)

I like circles. But I also like what you did with minifying/unifying the the icon :slight_smile:
[interesting also - makes me think of an upside-down μ, like from μtorrent - maybe it makes it μltra metal.]



Something more simple, but still along the Vertex-maia line



would be awesome without the logo also