Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 1)



@muser Thx for the wallpapers! The package lxde-wallpapers is already in the unstable branch. The wallpapers included by now, which are located at /usr/share/backgrounds, are these (I changed the names in some in order to make sure they are unique):

  1. manjaro-lxde-light.png
  2. manjaro-lxde-dark.png
  3. lxde-breath.png
  4. lxde-stripes.jpg
  5. lxde-blue.jpg


Inspired by one of the April screenshots.

Dark version, no branding.

Light version


More of the “branches” theme (no branding to keep it simple).





Ribbons (there is no logo here, either, or is there?)


Hey, with a fourth ribbon you could have a type of Manjaro logo in the middle. And you could highlight it with a circle around it. Maybe that’s worth a try?
Like your backgrounds a lot! Thx!


The position and spacing of the ribbons were traced from logo, but the point of this was that at the same time to make it less in-your-face obvious :wink:
(edit: I can make one the way you described it specifically for you if you’d like).


A take on the default wallpaper

Artworks by Muser in our repo



…when I look into my background-folder, I have to say, you are my DEFAULT wallpaper designer.
This one is awsome.


A simple, dark one to go with the dark themes

Maia version


They are all just awesome! Great @muser! Really impressive work!


Fuzzy-colours. For those who like it more colourful.


Retro-wall. Inspired by Kibojoe’s colour theme.

Artworks by Muser in our repo

I really like the wallpaper design in post #18:

Please make one with same design with this manjaro deepin logo, using the blue color, but omit the underline:




Hi, I don’t really make anymore these 3d pictures, because they are too resource heavy to render, but as an exception I made one for you, with just the logo, though. (fyi @oberon)

Astonishing April (2017) Screenshots

Maybe you find an idea for BSPWM?


Wow! Cool stuff! :thumbsup:


Sure. Do you know where can I find its logo?
Any suggestions for the theme? Dark-grey/bright-colourful/retro/futuristic/etc?


Here is the default wallpaper on bspwm edition

The logo in the middle is from
But you can try different.